Weekly Action Board (Week 4 in Office)

A life with Trump and his Administration is overwhelming.  Why not strategize your week--and have a little fun with it?  This Weekly Action (Bingo) Board is anything but a game.  It’s about being strategic about what is happening this week--and setting out some goals while also planning time for some self-care.  Print this out--or play electronically.  (There are links here to help you be successful! There is also a key below to help you navigate the board.)  Shoot for a row or a column or a diagonal.  Heck, go with fill the board if you choose.  Just remember that we have four long years so we must pace ourselves and keep ahead of what needs to be done in the immediate, while also remembering we need to maintain healthy minds and bodies.  Take care of yourselves--but also remember there is much work to do.                  --Educate for Action

 Emergency Action  

 Choice Action 

 Self-care Work 

 Read of the Week 

Talk to an adolescent about voting

(2018 matters)

Turn off your television and/or Facebook for 24--make it--48 hours

Find your local Townhall meeting and make plans to attend during the Congressional Recess

Feb 18-26

Get involved with your local chapter of #blacklivesmatter

Call your senator about an issue that demands attention this week

Spontaneous Dance Party

Become a volunteer for Planned Parenthood

Check out and experiment with new apps:  Phone2Action or Countable

Attend a protest this week

Help with the Educate for Action website

Research a bank that does not support the Dakota Access Pipeline

Attend a Town Hall Meeting

Free Space

Binge watch something mindless on Netflix

Donate to organizations that need help (i.e. ACLU, Greenpeace, Planned Parenthood)

Become a volunteer for the American Civil Liberties Union


Call, email or message a friend or family member in a red state and discuss an issue of importance; ask them to contact their senators.

Laugh out loud with your friends

Call your senator to praise something he or she has done

Read the Indivisible Guide on ways to resist Trump

Call senators about Jeff Sessions

Meditate.  Breathe.  Do some yoga.

Call senators about Scott Pruitt

Become a volunteer for the Trevor Project (a crisis intervention and suicide prevention organization for LGBTQ youth)

Get some exercise.  Take a run.  Go to the gym.