DHMN Organizational Meeting

October 28, 2013

Call to Order

Present: Mike P., Jake K., Bob T-Son, Steve P., Paul K.

Late arrivals: Sim

 Potential Attendees: , Jason K., Alex H., Karl P., Ed K., Kristin M., Mark F., Ross L., Erin Q-L

Approve Minutes

Moves to approve:  Bob T-Son

Seconded: Mike P.


Treasurer's Report

Treasurer apologizes; can’t make meeting.

Report highlights:

Lost one member (Ben dvoracek)

Willems keeping rent at  550, wish us well.

Spent money on filament.

(Full report pending.)

Moves to table approval to next meeting: Bob T-Son

Seconded: Paul K. (speaking with the owl’s voice.)


Old Business

If no-one has read the proposed by-laws changes before next meeting. We will stage a dramatic reading. And Paul K. will do an interpretive dance.

New Business

Thanks to Amy Putnam for taking over managing the Facebook page.

We like Mike P’s idea for having Thursday Make session themes. Sort of an unconference a week.

We will be moving the monthly lunch to Appleton.

Jake K. proposed a combined moving / holiday/ Jake’s birthday party for Saturday, Dec. 14 at Sim’s place.


Move to Adjourn: Paul K

Seconded: Bob T-Son