Hiruma Kihei is the mastermind behind the plot to steal the Kamiya Dojo.Gohei is Kihei's muscle man.

Names: Himura Kihei and Gohei

Ages: 50s and 30s respectively.

Attacks: Nihontou. Kiheikan.

Love interests: Unknown.

Friends: Unknown.

Enemies: Himura Kenshin and Kamiya Kaoru.

First appearance: Tokyo Arc

Biography: Kihei decided he wanted the Kamiya Dojo property to sell. To get the property, he tricked Kamiya Kaoru into thinking he was a kindly old man that she was helping out by allowing him to stay with her. Meanwhile, Gohei was going around, killing people with his sword and claiming that he was Hitokiri Battousai and using Kaoru's sword style, Kamiya Kasshin to kill people.

Personalities: Kihei has the brains and Gohei has the brawn. Kihei is shrewd and cunning, while Gohei settles everything with violence.

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