A meeting of the Board of Directors of the Greater Lake Sylvia Lake Association (“GLSA”) was held on Saturday, June 2, 2012 at Bendix Elementary School in Annandale, Minnesota commencing at 10:30 a.m.

Present at the meeting were Board members Pat Beithon, Kent Davidson, Jerry Dock, Jerry Euteneuer, Peggy Jo Fortner, Carole Gertgen, Chris Hector, Nancy Hector, Don Holm, Steve Holmstoen, Joe Lepley, Chuck Lingen, Mike McNellis, Tom Plihal, Carl Swanson and Harry Wahlquist.

Mr. Lepley, as President, called the meeting to order at 10:30 a.m. and announced that a quorum was present.  Ms. Beithon served as Secretary for the meeting.

New Board Members.    Mr. Lepley welcomed new Board members Jerry Euteneuer, Chris Hector, Don Holm, Steve Holmstoen and Chuck Lingen to the Board and asked all Board members to introduce themselves.  He stated that the Board generally meets the second Saturday of each month from April through September and occasionally in October.  He said there would not be a meeting on August 11, which is the day of the GLSA Annual Picnic.   Mr. Lepley said the current Articles and Bylaws of the organization were available on the GLSA website and that the Board was in the process of revising the Articles for approval by the members at the 2013 Annual Meeting and the Bylaws for approval by the Board later in the summer.  He noted that there were currently 16 elected Board members and the Articles only provided for 15 Board members.  He said that the Executive Committee would work to resolve this issue and he was encouraged by the interest in participation in GLSA.

Election of Officers.   Mr. Lepley said the next order of business was election of officers.  He reported that he was willing to serve another one-year term as President but would like to step down at the 2013 Annual Meeting and generally the person serving as Vice President should be viewed as a possible successor for the office of President.  He also reported that Peggy Jo Fortner had offered to continue to serve as Treasurer and Pat Beithon had offered to serve as Secretary.  The Board members discussed possible candidates for the office of Vice President.  Kent Davidson was nominated as Vice President.  Mr. Davidson indicated that he was willing to serve as Vice President but was not in a position to commit to serving as President in the future.

After discussion, upon motion duly made, seconded and approved by a unanimous vote the following persons were elected to serve as officers of GLSA until the 2013 Annual Meeting of Members and until their successors are duly elected and qualified:

Joe Lepley – President

Kent Davidson – Vice President

Peggy Jo Fortner – Treasurer

Pat Beithon – Secretary

Minutes.  Mr. Lepley asked if there were any additions or corrections to the minutes of the Board meeting held on May 12, 2012.  Upon motion duly made and seconded, the minutes of the Board meeting held on May 12, 2012 were approved as submitted with certain minor corrections noted.

Cattails and Beaver Dams between Lake Sylvia and Lake Moses.  Mr. Lepley noted that GLSA’s permit application to use a cutter to remove the cattails in the marsh between West Lake Sylvia and Lake Moses had been denied because West Lake Sylvia had Eurasian Watermilfoil (“EWM”) and Lake Moses was not identified as having EWM. Mr. Davidson reported that there was a large beaver dam in the marsh that was impeding the outflow of water from West Lake Sylvia to Lake Moses.  Mr. Davidson reported that he had broken up the dam on more than one occasion but that the beavers could rebuild within a day. He reported that a permit was not required to trap beavers and that one or more beaver trappers would be contacted to trap beavers in the marsh.  Mr. Davidson reported that generally beaver trappers did not have to be compensated for their services as there was a market for the pelts.

Membership Committee Report.  Nancy Hector, Chair of the Membership Committee, reported that GLSA had 354 paid members as of May 31, approximately 67% of the properties on Lake Sylvia.  She reported that an additional six members paid their dues at the Annual Meeting earlier that day.  She reported that copies of the new membership directory were distributed to paid members at the Annual Meeting and that the Area Coordinators would be distributing the membership directories to paid members who had not attended the Annual Meeting.  She reported that membership renewal reminders would be sent out in July and that in order to register to attend the GLSA Picnic a member must have paid their 2012 dues.

Transferable Annual GLSA Memberships.  The Board discussed the reluctance of selling owners to renew their GLSA membership if they anticipated selling their property during the year.  It was suggested that the Board consider allowing a selling GLSA member to transfer the balance of their GLSA annual membership to the new property owner as transfer of the membership would introduce the new owner to GLSA and enable GLSA to get contact information for the new owner.  After discussion it was moved seconded and approved by a unanimous vote to allow a GLSA member who sells or otherwise transfers title to their lake property to transfer the balance of their annual GLSA membership to the new owner.

High Water Committee Report.   Mr. Davidson, as Chair of the High Water Committee, reported that the official water level had been above the ordinary high water mark for more than three consecutive days and consistent with action approved by the Board at an earlier meeting a voluntary 300 foot no wake restriction would implemented. He also reported that the Committee planned to have signage regarding voluntary 300 foot no wake restrictions at the landing, in the channel and five buoys in each lake and certain dock signs before July 4.  He said the buoys would have to be registered with the county and have reflectors.  Mr. Holmstoen offered to assist in building the buoys.  The Board discussed the storage of the buoys during times when there were no wake restrictions and the communications plan for the voluntary 300 foot no wake restrictions.  Mr. Lepley said he would email the Wright County Commissioners regarding GLSA implementing a voluntary 300 foot no wake restrictions due to high water and would contact the Advocate requesting the newspaper run a brief article about the voluntary no wake restrictions.  It was noted that the Wright County Sheriff’s Department would not enforce voluntary wake restrictions.  After discussion, it was decided that the voluntary 300 foot no wake restrictions would be posted on GLSA.org and emails would be sent to those GLSA members with email addresses.

Approval of No Wake Restriction Signage Expenditure.   Mr. Davidson described the materials needed to construct the no wake restriction buoys and related signage.  Upon motion duly made, seconded, the Board approved by a unanimous vote expenditures of up to $2,500 for no wake restriction buoys and related signage.

Invasives Committee Report.  Mr. Swanson, as Co-Chair of the Invasive Committee, reported that chemical treatment for Curlyleaf Pondweed (“CLP”) had been completed earlier in late spring, noting that the areas of treatment were only about 1/10 of an acre compared to ten acres ten years ago.  He also reported that a new patch of EWM several feet in diameter had been discovered in West Sylvia earlier in the spring that had been treated.  Mr. Lepley reported that the “Burma Shave” signage checking boats for invasive species would be put up at the public access the following week.  

Invasive Signage at the Northridge Private Access.   Mr. Lepley reported that the Northridge Homeowners Association had requested assistance from GLSA for signage regarding invasive species for the Northridge private access.  He noted that the Northridge private access was available only to Northridge property owners and their guests and was generally not available for use by the general public.  Despite the restricted use of the access, he noted that the signage would  benefit to both lakes. After discussion, upon motion duly made and seconded, the Board approved by a unanimous vote expenditures of up to $500 for invasive species signage at the Northridge private access.

Northridge Homeowners Association Information on GLSA’s Website.    Mr. Lepley led a discussion regarding a request from the Northridge Homeowners Association to post a minutes from the Northridge Homeowners Association meetings and certain other Northridge Homeowners Association information on the GLSA website.  Messrs. Lepley and Hector responded to questions from Board members regarding the request and the advisability of using the GLSA website to post information for other Lake Sylvia related organizations.  After discussion, the Board requested that the Executive Committee get more information regarding Northridge’s request.

Septic Systems Committee.  Mr. Plihal asked about the status of the GLSA Septic Systems Committee that had previously been chaired by Jerry Doffing and the information on septic systems that had been gathered on the septic systems around the lakes by a survey conducted by the Committee a few years ago.  Mr. Lepley reported that Mr. Doffing had the raw data and there had been some issues related to the survey data.   Mr. Lepley said that he would contact Mr. Doffing regarding obtaining the returned septic system surveys and related data on septic systems around the lakes.

GLSA Logo.  Mr. Lepley reported that the original art for the GLSA logo could not be located and was needed in order to put the GLSA logo on t-shirts to be worn by volunteers and Board members at the GLSA Picnic. Mr. Lepley presented some options for a new GLSA logo.  After discussion, upon motion duly made and seconded, the Board voted to keep the current GLSA logo and authorized the Executive Committee to make the final decision on the expenditures for recreating the art for the existing GLSA logo.

Treasurer’s Report.  Ms. Fortner, as Treasurer, asked if there were any questions on the Treasurer’s Report presented at the Annual Meeting earlier that day.  Ms Fortner and Mr. Lepley responded to questions on GLSA’s cash management policies, noting that the overriding investment goal was preservation of capital and that the President, Vice President and Treasurer had signing authority on GLSA’s bank account.  They also noted that certificates of deposit had not been reinvested in anticipation of the purchase of the cattail cutter which had not been purchased because of the DNR’s denial of GLSA’s permit application.

Registered Address of GLSA.   Mr. Plihal said that he would be turning over the GLSA organizational records to Ms. Beithon as the new Secretary of GLSA and that a new registered address for GLSA had to be filed with the Minnesota Secretary of State.  Ms. Beithon reported that the registered address needed to be a physical address where certain required GLSA organizational records were maintained.  Ms Beithon said she was willing to use her main home address as the registered address for GLSA and that the change in registered address did not require approval of GLSA members.  She noted that the mailing address for GLSA would not change and would continue to be P.O. Box 41, Annandale, MN 55302.

Upon motion duly made, seconded and approved by a unanimous vote, the meeting was adjourned at 12:40 p.m.


                                                Joe Lepley, President



Pat Beithon, Secretary