Victoria Academy Principles & SIM Limits

Beyond the existing rules and guidelines at Victoria, there are a few overarching principles that govern the SIMs/school which we require anyone wishing to stay on our grounds to share (or at least uphold in SL).

These principles extend from one's life views to what they role-play in Victoria.

Breaking our principles (through profile information, actions or views expressed in Nearby Chat whether or not you consider it Role Play, or membership to certain groups) will result in being banned from Victoria Academy SIMs (with or without warning).

Not reading this document, will not be accepted as an excuse (Ignorantia juris non excusat)

We will not accept:

Category I, Regarding Fundamental Human rights and broadly offensive attitudes

1. Racism, Sexism, Xenophobia, Bigotry.

Intolerance towards any minority, sexual orientation, gender or nationality.

Use of ethnic slurs.

2. Demeaning attitudes and language that would hurt a certain group of people, from gender & race to disabilities.

3. Rape or supporting rape, kidnapping, human trafficking

4. Firearms, explosives or such similar activities.

5. Political or Religious activism of any kind

6. Negative attitudes or slurs toward members of any traditionally unfavorable career, lifestyle, or socioeconomic class.  

Category II, Regarding D/s & Kink

1. Generalizing attitudes towards members who assume a certain role. Example: "All submissives are stupid", "No submissives deserve rights" etc

2. Gender biased beliefs “women are submissives” “males can’t be submissives” “no woman can be dominant” etc.

3. Brutal BDSM like cutting, burning, dolcett etc (if you’re not sure, ask management)

4. Kink shaming (it would be accepted marginally in role-play, but not beyond that)

5. Gender shaming, especially about any form of gender fluidity.


Exceptions and notes

Exceptions to the above, could happen, always approved and judged by SIM management, in situations like:

1. Referencing an artwork

2. Creating a work of satire (Mainstream examples in Real Life would be the show Family Guy or South Park). This does not include role-playing a person that’s a racist on the basis of pointing out the negatives.

3. Light jokes could be accepted, as long as they are already part of the mainstream culture, but should be generally avoided, and should be used as long as they don’t express a true belief. Example “Germans are so exact you can set your watch by one”. However if anyone tells you that they are offended, you are to stop instantly.

4. Limits like “not playing with males/females” are not included here. They are personal preferences, not discriminatory practices: you don’t discriminate chocolate when you eat a banana.

Judgement and punishment

For the above said, in most of the cases, the punishment is being banned from Victoria Academy main SIMS and any other Victoria Academy owned lands. The final judgement is in the hands of SIM top management.

For small infractions, one can be warned first, with the expectation that the transgression will not repeat. We are understanding when issues come from lack of education, but we expect quick and obvious changes.

E.g. Saying that Victoria Academy makes “proper young ladies” out of students, would be accepted once, but no more after it was warned and explained.

In such cases, we expect understanding also from the injured side and an educative attempt, not drama and fights.