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Novak/Sancinito Learning Day from Home

Day 1: Monday, March 16, 2020

We are two Mommas/educators trying to support continuation of learning in our homes. Join us.




Before 9:00am

Wake Up

Eat breakfast, get dressed, brush your teeth.

Once you complete all these tasks, you can have free time until 9.


Outdoors time!

Morning hike - we need fresh air. Today when we walk, look for signs of spring! Check for ticks when you get home! They are already out.


Universal Design for Learning!

Why are we home?

Go to the Coronavirus text set on Newsela (free login). Allow kids to choose two articles they are interested in about Coronavirus. They can read alone or work with a sibling. You can also read it to them. You can lower reading level so kids can comprehend articles they choose (it’s in the Lexile box on top right).

Alternatively, play this podcast for kids from “But Why: A Podcast For Curious Kids”- it’s about coronavirus and the science of soap! (Thanks, @TimOLeary_VT)

Answer any questions they have.

Options for reflection:

  • After reading the two articles, write/say/text at least two things you learned from each article.
  • Complete a post-reading activity like “I used to think...Now I think
  • Sketchnote what you learned in a notebook or on a digital platform.
  • Call or Facetime a friend to tell them what you learned.
  • Give an elevator pitch (2 minutes) explaining the most significant points from each article. Maybe record on video, youtube, or TikTok.
  • Reflect on what you learned. What should happen next? Write or discuss what you think are the best “next steps” to take in regards to COVID-19.


Creative Time

We all need to remember to smile!

Collect grass, leaves, acorns and other things you find outside and see who can make the funniest face sculpture. Raining? No worries! Collect things in the house and try to make a face, or see who can draw the funniest face. Share with your besties or relatives via text.


Lunch/Quiet time

Everyone has to eat at least one fruit and one veggie!

Quiet time choices:

  • Play outside (shoot hoops, lacrosse bounceback)
  • Silent reading
  • Legos
  • Puzzles
  • Coloring
  • Have a better idea? Go for it! But shhhhhhh


Choose a room!

Every day this week, we will choose one room out of a hat, and we will all go in and deep clean everything - windows washed, bedding washed, floors steamed and things collected for trash/donate. If it happens to be your room, you can pick the music. Otherwise, Mom and dad pick. Spring cleaning, woohoo!


Universal Design for Learning!

Honoring the process of growing food.

In times like these, we need to be so appreciative of where our food comes from. At lunch, we had fruits and veggies and all of these need to be grown. You will learn more about the process today by starting a plan to grow your own food!

You have a couple of choices:

  • Find an area where we could have a garden. This link will give you tips on where the best place for a garden is. Next, you will make a garden map (Full lesson plan in link. The extensions on pg. 3 are great options for kids to self-differentiate.)
  • If you’d prefer, plan an indoor herb garden instead.


  • Draw your garden on paper or on Google Draw!
  • Once you decide on your dream garden, make a list of the seeds we will buy once the quarantine is over!
  • Make a video to send to Nani, Bapa and Grampy to tell them about our garden or Facetime them to share!
  • Once you’re done, search on the internet for the most beautiful or impressive gardens in the world!

3:30 - 5:00pm

Outside playing or NON-technology play.

Options: Play lacrosse, play a board game, make a fort! Just don’t plug anything in.



Everyone at the table! Share highs and lows from day.


More fresh air

Options: Family walk, bike ride, family soccer game or lacrosse. Kids vote.


Free time

  • You can use technology if you were cooperative with everything else during the day!
  • Everyone has to take a shower to clean off germs during this window.
  • 8:30pm bedtime!

If you have any questions:

@katienovakudl, @Teach_Sancinito