New Schedule Ks/NTKs (Regular Days and Wednesdays)



Modified Block (8 Periods)        

How will learners pick their Workshop Wed schedule every week?        

Different combined classes

(DP1 + Eng 1, DP1 + Eng 2, Pre-AP American Studies)

How will we keep track of the number of kids in each session?

Lots of potential for creative and useful workshops that otherwise would not be possible.

Will we have time every week to talk with our grade level teams to plan for each Wed?

Longer time with students every other day

Will there be any ind/study to sign up for? (Wednesdays)  

We should have a lot LESS kids that come late to our classes. Thank goodness.

Will we coordinate with other facilitators/grade level classes?

Learners will now have the opportunity to learn the Adobe Suite in DP 1 and 2.

What will be the cap size of classes?

We can offer workshops that are not specific to just one particular class.

How will learners stay in contact with group members to schedule work time on Wednesdays

All UIL classes offered for our learners

How will we make sure that the WHOLE DAY is productive for kids?

More class choices for learners. They will take more classes.

How will we make adjustments for missed class time (i.e. students missing class to give tours) with modified block and no independent study periods?

We facilitate 6 of 8 courses.

How will floating teachers be scheduled?

Learners will schedule the week before (Wednesdays)

How will we do attendance/location?

Tour guides/ambassadors will be in class less per week on heavy tour weeks.

How much notice will we have for who will be in the sessions? A week is too long and a day is too short of notice.

Less class disruption because of shuttles

What are best practices for time management in the classroom (with a block schedule)

With more time and new schedules, work time will have to look different

Can skinny periods be used as isolated class or lab time?

We could have more consistent class time routines with more time

Will we have late arrival on Wednesday?

We can’t just double up on homework even though we only see them every other day

Are there some successful examples of block schedule format? How do you move from activity to activity to activity within a class period? What does that look like across subject areas?

We will have to structure our instruction so that students are actually using the extended class time to work

Should Wednesdays look different from normal days?

We are moving to a 9 week grading period

Are there schools in the network that do block with PBL? Successful examples

I wonder how WW could be used to address grade level specific needs? (PBL, ACT/SAT, college apps, etc.)

Will WWs interrupt class time or supplement it?

Could we use WWs in the 1st six weeks for learning outcomes?

As we get closer to testing season, could we focus on testing skills/strategies/prep?

If we have more than one thing happening at a time, will you have students missing out on instruction?

What would flipped instruction look like in WWs

Could intervention be orchestrated by grade level? Hallways and workshops scheduled in proximity

How will scaffolding look during the class period

What will passing periods look like?

Are we following the 15 minute passing period?

What are late work policies due to 9 week grading periods?

Are exams before the winter break?

Focus for WW: will there be themes? Is it possible to be consistent but flexible?

How will we deal with schedule conflicts

Will it meet the needs of each course

Can we use WW for big project assessment

Could we incorporate networking into the workshops?

Could WWs be used for individual assessment

Could WWs be used for reassessment

Monthly focus for WWs

How do we make some things mandatory and others not?

Could we schedule club time, service time, speaker time, etc. for WWs