To Dr. Groesbeck, Susie Hunter, and the other members of the Head of School Search Committee, and Board of Trustees:

We are alumnae and parents of Emma Willard School, diverse in age and background but united in our love and concern for the school we share. We have been deeply saddened and disturbed to hear of the recent revelations of student rape that occurred in 1998. Some of us are hearing of these events for the first time, and are still processing the shock of this information. Unfortunately, others of us are absolutely not surprised by these reports, and distressed that the school has only taken public action now, in the glare of media publicity, when it had so many prior opportunities to take leadership. We are hoping the school seizes this opportunity at long last, both to redress past abuse and inaction, and to prevent future abuse.

Many alumnae were aware of multiple instances of ongoing abuse while we were students at Emma Willard. This consisted of far more abuse than was reported in Dr. Groesbeck’s recent letter to the community. In light of recent (and likely forthcoming) allegations, if the school wishes to work proactively to protect its students and uphold its reputation as an educational institution that empowers and nurtures young women, the current administration and the new Head of School must be ready to dramatically change the school’s approach to reports of sexual assault and/or abuse.

First, we believe that sunlight is the best disinfectant in this case. In order to regain trust among the extensive Emma Willard community, the school needs to be open and honest about the mistakes that previous administrations have made. Many of us were aware of administrative actions that allowed multiple instances of sexual abuse of students to be hidden and for the victims of that abuse to be punished. Those of us who were not already aware of these actions are now shocked to hear of them. The administration, the Board of Trustees, and the new Head of School should acknowledge these incidents and the harm they caused to the survivors, joining us in grief, sorrow, and commitment to change. Further, the school must demonstrate clearly that it now understands how to honor young women’s voices, and that it has eliminated all policies and practices that may have caused harm or exacerbated harm already done. The results from any external assessments of the school’s sexual assault policies should be released. There must be transparency about the past, and clear standards for the future.

Second, as adults, many alumnae are now trying to grapple with what we knew as students, and how it was that none of us recognized the criminality of the “relationships” in which our own friends were victims. As students, we were not given the tools to recognize sexual assault and to feel safe reporting it. Instead, we lived in an atmosphere of secrets, gossip, and victim blaming. Our survivor friends lived in an environment of humiliation and isolation, when they were even allowed to remain at school. Many of them still consider themselves responsible for their victimization, decades later. None of this should be allowed to happen again. 

The school has always been capable of instilling and enforcing strict rules with severe consequences. It should prohibit and punish sexual misconduct with equal severity and without exception.

We strongly request implementation of new and clear written and spoken rules, procedures, and expectations, to include the following:

  1. A required all-school assembly at the start of every academic year in which the school’s policies and procedures regarding sexual misconduct are clearly explained, and in which the administration affirms that students will not be punished for reporting misconduct. Orientation for new students should include in-depth, targeted, and tailored discussion of these topics as well.

  1. A definition of statutory rape, including an explanation of why, even when it is “consensual,” it is still rape, and the school will treat it as such. Furthermore, even if a student is 18 or older, the same logic applies to relationships between school employees and students, and does not diminish the invalidation of consent, because of the inherently unequal power dynamic between students and employees. The school must state explicitly to students and employees, and demonstrate in its actions, that in any of these “relationships,” the student is not to blame as she cannot be an equal partner in the relationship.

  1. All students will be provided with safety and self-esteem education, as relates directly to sexual assault that may occur at Emma Willard, in college, or later in life. Students will learn language and concepts from professional sexual health educators that break down rape culture and provide them with a powerful voice to defend their own sexual safety.

  1. A blanket protection for all complainants, immediate suspension and removal from campus of accused employees (or other on-campus adults), and a no-contact/no-retaliation order put in place between the complainant and accused adult. No victim should be forced or encouraged to leave the school, or have her financial aid reduced or removed. The burden of proof is borne by the accused, because they are adults, and we do not believe the burden should be placed on the shoulders of a teenager who is likely a victim of sexual assault. That said, a diligent and timely examination of each case will be provided in the interest of all parties involved. Complainants will be listened to, and heard, without punishment, without re-traumatization, and without regard to the student’s financial standing, academic standing, or family influence.

  1. When a student reports being sexually assaulted, the School shall immediately notify law enforcement; arrange for access to emergency medical assistance at a local hospital credentialed to treat survivors of sexual assault and provide forensic services; provide counseling by a qualified professional who is trained in cases of sexual assault against minors, bound to confidentiality standards, and not an employee of the school; and inform the student’s parents or guardians. The School shall provide ongoing counseling free of charge for student survivors of School-related sexual assault. This counseling shall be provided on-campus or by an off-campus professional of the student’s choice.

  1. Students who are concerned about or witness to the sexual assault of peers will be provided with a standard reporting system, by which they may inform school employees or a dedicated counselor about their knowledge. Any reports received from students in this manner will never be met with punishment, and the identity of any student should remain confidential. These reports should result in heightened scrutiny of the accused employee, including monitoring in-class behavior, social time spent with students, and visitors to the employee’s on-campus apartment. If necessary, other students may be confidentially interviewed to corroborate the report, again without fear of punishment.

  1. The School shall craft, publish, and enforce a protocol by which employees must notify school administration of other employees who have sexually assaulted or harassed a student, and by which administrators shall report these incidents to law enforcement. No employee who makes such a report will be penalized. Students should know that they can speak to any employee and receive help and guidance. And employees should know that they can report sexual misconduct to the administration without repercussions.

  1. All employees need to undergo extensive professional training in understanding sexual misconduct, along with how to appropriately handle reports from students and follow appropriate protocol to help the student. Employees also need to understand the severe consequences of engaging in sexual misconduct of any kind. Every School employee must understand and combat rape culture. No School employee should believe that they can successfully skirt these rules.

  1. Any employees who do engage in sexual assault will not only be terminated, but the School will not assist them in obtaining future employment. The School will also assist the victim in pressing charges against the employee, with the aim of registering the employee as a sex offender, thus barring them from future employment with children. The employee will not be permitted to visit campus as long as the victim is an enrolled student.

  1. Emma Willard shall pay for all psychological and medical treatment for past victims of sexual abuse who choose to come forward.

  1. The School will create a formal truth and reconciliation process by which additional survivors of sexual assault at Emma Willard can be heard and made whole. The process will center on the voice and needs of each survivor, with the goal of creating a safe space for survivors. This process should be facilitated by a third party experienced in mediation and dispute resolution.

  1. A written policy outlining specific procedures and protocols by which the School will handle student reports of sexual assault, whether perpetrated by employees of the School, by other students, or by persons unrelated to the School. This policy will replace the current Sexual Assault Protocol, which is vague and unspecific as to the actual process by which the School handles reports of sexual assault made by current students.

These changes will all be promoted by a re-examination of how the administration deals with student “misbehavior.” The School needs to act in loco parentis in positive as well as negative ways, and foster trust that students can report unsafe situations without causing punishment or expulsion. Toward this end, there needs to be at least one full-time, licensed, and well-trained mental health professional on the staff, who can confidentially support and advise students even about the most taboo subjects. Any student who is suspended or expelled for any reason, regardless of her age, will never be forced to leave campus except into the custody of her parent or guardian.

Please take this opportunity of appointing a new Head of School to start fresh and become the school known for honoring young women in mind and body--known not for covering up abuse, but for combatting it strongly and proactively. Silence today sends a chilling message to unspoken victims and denies healing to survivors. It indicates that the school is incapable of preventing future abuse.

The process will be uncomfortable for the institution, but can yield massive rewards in terms of alumnae enthusiasm and trust of future parents. Alumnae have offered, and will continue to offer, to support this endeavor, lending our energies, skills, connections, and funds. To this end, at least one alumna practiced with and concerned about sexual safety should be added to the Head of School hiring committee.

Emma Willard can become a national advocate protecting victims of sexual abuse. The safety of our daughters and all current and future students depends on your immediate attention to this matter.


Lily Anthony-Brown Mason ‘96

Courtney Clark Hunt ‘96

Katie Lars Lupo ‘96

Anna Davis Saraceno ‘96

Beegee Tolpa ‘91

Maria B. Gaffney ‘97

Karen Gorss Benko ‘90

Martha O. Deeds, ‘99

Marissa Jones Goff ‘95

Leslie Butler-MacFadyen ‘94

Amanda N. Bock ‘95

Jane McCarthy ‘96

Rebecca Snead O’Connor ‘96

Katie Blumenkrantz ‘00

Rachel Wade Westmoreland Granfield ’95

Jennifer Freedman Prince ‘91

Alison Tubini Miner ‘96

Meghan Holland McDonald ‘97

Sandra Schmidt ‘90

Anne Snyder ‘90

Emagin Tanaschuk ‘14

Natalie Dunn ‘14

Tessa Bloomer ‘16

Eve Tolpa ‘88

Luke X. Stavrand Woolf ‘02

Tamara Larsen ‘92

Jessica Lawrence LaChance ‘96

Evan Towle ‘93

Ashley Gardner ‘95

Kelsey Banfield ‘95

Meghan Concra ‘98

Amelia Hershberger ‘01

Kristina L. Cohen ‘01

Chudney Sykes ‘96

Natalie Shiras ‘69

Annie McShiras ‘04

Jessica McCormack ‘92

Andrea Hanley ‘95

Carolyn Arnold ‘69

Libby Clark Coreno ‘95

Raïssa Bump ‘98

Sarah Rosenblatt ‘05

Nancy Evers Kirwan ‘69

Donna Krupkin Whitney ‘70

Sarah Gettman ‘10

Joshunda Sanders ‘96

Sonya Wang ‘15

Jennifer Stevenson ‘00

Olivia Idris ‘14

Anne Roome ‘14

Tiffany Pope ‘00

Sasha Weilbaker ‘15

Sharon Reidt ‘92

Carrie Denton Davis ‘74, P’01

Elsa Darrow ‘06

Hillary Savoie ‘00

Kylah Brown Green ‘97

Kathleen Moore Quigley ’97

Kathleen MacVean ‘90

Sandra Collins ‘95

Sarah Pinto ‘91

Hannah Christian ‘15

Meghan DeBerry MacArthur ‘95

Rachael Levy ‘01

Katharine Brooks Ford ‘89

Eve Gibson Pytel ‘94

Greenie Cheng ‘01

Lucy Gibson ‘99

Yixiao Yan ‘14

Alexandra Ludwig ‘91

Cassandra Barry ’91

Catherine Uroff Brill ‘83

Sonya Britt Mital ‘96

Megan Kennedy ‘98

Jennifer Myers Dort ‘97

Molly K. Mulligan ‘01

Sarah Epps ‘99

Abigail Gunnels ‘95

Evette Stair-Radlein ‘01

Sophia Sattar ‘01

Anjali Dayal ‘01

Elizabeth Fleming ‘01

Kate Ward ‘01

Elizabeth Crain ‘01

Elspeth Campbell ‘15

Nicole Lemanski ‘00

Christine Mott ‘00

Emily Miller ‘01

Tandy (Hamilton) Howard ‘99

Elizabeth (Shaer) Russell '99

Jocelyn Handley-Pendleton ‘99

Leslie Stepp Lamar ‘00

Amanda Poppei ‘97

Emily Reul ‘98

Maha Jafri ‘0181

Abigail Caldwell ‘99

Rashida Sykes ‘91

Nabeeha Noor ‘16

Sidrah Laldin ‘94

Anastasia Pflug McGee ‘81

Kathryn Breen Roberts ‘96

Lina Srivastava '87

Susan Annette Walker ‘77

Susannah Lloyd-Jones ‘98

Kat Sullivan, class of 1998

Chavelle-Marie Skrastins ‘84

Sarah Collins Laffer ‘93

Jeanne Governale-Cousineau ‘85

Molly Hislop Elmore ‘92

Heather Duffy-Stone ‘95

Darcy McKinstry Kreis ‘95

Kate Hill Thomson ‘96

Rachel Cohen Gerrol ‘96

Orli Zuravicky ’97

Suma Reddy ‘98

Hima Reddy ‘98

Danielle Bourdeau Regan ‘95

Kate Whalen ‘95

Jessica Kahler ‘94

Elizabeth Breiner ‘06

Elizabeth Sheehan-Lennox ‘98

Susan Schmidt Barreault ‘92

Alicia Kapogiannatos ‘95

Lara Pearson ‘91

Beckley Stover ‘02

Kathryn Lang Litton ‘96

Laura Freelove Steigerwalt ‘96
Jennifer Rana Morris ‘99

Zoe McKee ‘97

Amanda Nazario ‘95

Irene Song ‘13

Sarah Cooper ‘96

Jenny Mott ‘08

Genevieve Calkins ‘08

Linda Passaretti ‘84

Katie Koerner Roberts ‘04

Hannah Alex Younger ‘08

Abigail Fisher ‘06

Deirdre Venter ‘83

Lacey Clarke, ‘94

Anya Jaremko-Greenwold ‘06

Margaret Speer ‘08

Jessamyn Lee ‘97

Nao Murakami ‘03

Carmen Gallo ‘94

Margaret Clark ‘98

Dana Serovy Phelan ‘96

Rebekah Mott ‘04

Kate M. Allen ‘94

Laura D. Frey ‘99

Jessica N. Johnson ‘06

Elizabeth Greenberg ‘90

Kimberly S. Jones ‘84

Margaret Hild Schott ‘08

Curran (Saile) Streett ‘01

Audrey (Ting) Schmook ‘01

Elizabeth Samuels ‘99

Alexis Murphy ‘08

Terri L Weiss ‘74

Kelly Moran ‘05

Zaynah Vohra ‘97

Rebekah Layton ‘01

Elise House ‘97

Raleigh Todman ‘98

Hina Mirza ‘97

Tamara Finkelstein ‘97

Sonya Cheuse ‘97

Candace Ng ‘16

Phoebe Collins ‘75

Lisa Benjamin ‘91

Cat Peters ‘99

Jenny Sage Hunt ‘72

Kathy Farrell  ‘78

Akiko Chubachi Veil ‘95

Jennifer Tanner Taylor ‘83

Amy Lambert Principe ‘91

Yen (Duong) Pottinger ‘97

Courtney Henderson ‘97

Kanna Fujita ‘98

Rabeeha Khan ‘97

Allison Weekes ‘98

Maryam Ahmad ‘15

Junko Makiyama ‘05

Blake A. Wood ‘87

Kirsten A. Major ‘84

Jessie Justin ‘97

Bailey Elizabeth Rogers ‘05

Dale Haysom ‘98

Alison Forner ‘90

Adrienne Becker ‘04

Simone Hadebe ‘16

Hena Ziauddin ‘95

Ayanna Jones ‘99

Kendra Appe ‘04

Shannon L. Blaisdell ‘92

Liana Eagle ‘91

Krishna Knabe ‘92

Elizabeth Knafo ‘96

Alys Osofsky ‘94

Aliette Estrada ‘92

Nancy Tepper Mager ‘89

Amanda Weeks ‘88

Jacqueline Massey ‘82

Kathleen Muchmore Toro ‘81

Samantha Scruggs ‘05

Amalia Rubin ‘04

Melanie Schlossberg ‘89

Leslie Shapiro ‘85

Courtney DeBerry ‘93

Rebecca Crump ‘94

Lauren Ewashko ‘05

Erica Oatman Duffy ‘87

Janet Sessions ‘92

Deborah Reeves Nass ‘81

Ann Doyle Thurlow ‘74

Amy McCarthy Koethe ‘83

Kara Green ‘88

Bridget McCarthy ‘91

Judy Waite-Knights ‘92

Caroline N. Donahue ‘84

Kay Merkel Boruff, class of 1973

Kami Sabune ‘83

Elizabeth Schultz ‘86

Julie Baumler, class of 1987

Anna Ellis ‘91

Patricia Coene ‘88

Kimberly Daniels August ‘87

Jennifer Wilson ‘91

JoEtta Barefoot ‘87

Chan Champell, class of 1986

Elizabeth Myers ‘88

Emilie Wood Robinson ‘57

Michelle Wiley ‘88

Josie Rea-Tomlinson ‘14

Adala Zelman ‘92

Maile Hatfield ‘89

Natalie Cross ‘14

Kate McCarthy, class of 2015

Mallika Machra ‘16

Tanya Wallas Shannon ‘97

Victoria Chiaro ‘00

Lisa Cooley ‘89

Ros Ginieczki Wilson ‘94

AJ Feldman, class of 1998

Diana Christenson ‘87

Devon Schweidel ‘95

Elda Abate ‘97

Anna Porteus ‘94

Youngmin Kim ‘08

Shyla Ruffer ‘89

Tammy Smith Wilkerson, class of 1992

Jade Austin ‘16

Jeanne Giles ‘84

Camila Guerrero ‘15

Victoria Puerce ‘87

Sarah Johnson ‘98

Kathryn Concra ‘01

Anna Schroeder ‘14

Caroline Banfield ‘09

Cristina Lagasse Maddocks ‘00

Rebecca Dow ‘91

Erica Coletti ‘91

Mackenzie Bradwell ‘14

Rachel Naft ‘99

Mary Conklin Bowen ‘75

Catherine Bohnsack, class of 1996

May Van Norman ‘98

Kimara Gustafson ‘97

SoHyung Sophie Park ‘99

Jacqueline Lung, class of 2014

Cristina Gegenschatz ‘86

Shari Stillman-Corbitt, class of 1988

Shannon Blaisdell ‘92

Kristen Lepore ‘95

Katharine Lansbury, class of 1986

Claire Kassakian ‘99

Sana Ziauddin ‘99

Samar Warsi ‘04

Autumn Lennon Kramer ‘99

Martha Armstrong ‘74

Dianna Gillespie ‘04

Linda Mandy Drew-Walsh ‘80

Suzanne Raleigh ‘00

Kassandra Duane ‘88

Maryann Mettler Croner ‘57

W. Iris Barber ‘84

Molly O'Brien Pierce ‘91

Jocelyn Handley ‘99

Victoria Atkinson ‘03

Sophia Mantzouris, class of 2001

Frances Monroe ‘06

Caitlin Bump class of 2001

Suzanne Berger ‘84

Jennifer Zalucky ‘85

Laura Foster ‘84

Elizabeth Baird Hamblin ‘99

Jennifer Gay Dickson ‘83

Alexandra Castillo-Kesper ‘01

Brenda Lennon ‘81

Heather Wood Millar ‘96

Wananit Wimuttisuk ‘98

Sarah Woodhall Hoffert ‘88

Rebecca Crootof ‘99

Karen E. Jones ‘80

Alison Ferris ‘81

Ashley Fendler ‘04

Suzanne Breselor Lowell ‘93

Dulcie Faison Wilcox ‘96

Pamela Wilson class of 1984

Sarah Cade ‘99

Miyuki Kato Nomura ‘92

Anne Sawyer ‘80

Rebecca Shenn Anavim, class of 1998

Jennifer Shapiro ‘99

Michelle Aucoin Scott ‘80

Zoeann Murphy ‘99

Kathryn McHugh ‘80

Afshan Samli ‘04

Karen Hayton Ellard ‘86

Phaedra Young ‘93

Denise Chalela, class of 1991

Emily Hall ‘97

Elizabeth Piepenbring ‘90

Susanne Cox ‘80

Rachel Cohen Gerrol ‘96

Emma Sonduck ‘98

Jeannine Albert Conover ‘87

Holly Wilcox ‘93

Melissa Ekstrom ‘91

Kirsten White ‘95

Annie McShiras ‘04

Kumiko Ogiwara Okuyama ‘94

Jessica Ley Metcalf ‘91

Oriana Soddu ‘89

Teresa de Borges ‘02

Amber Franklin Reach ‘07

Jessica Smock ‘92

Laure Moody, class of 1992

Susanna Kellogg Evans ‘04

Jennifer Smith ‘86

Molly Nelson ‘04

Lara Reichert ‘04

Umbareen Bakhsh ‘97

Judy Sutel ‘95

Courtney Erwin ‘04

Haley Golden ‘04

Kathryn Coughlin Maggiotto ‘06

Pamela Mealus Berdou ‘86

Dorcas Brown, P ‘96

Cherise Perrotti ‘04

Bethany Cisowski ‘96

Christine Albertsson ‘83

Sarah Grow Fite, class of 1996

Susan McNamara ‘57, P ‘90

Ysabel Lavitz ‘16

Alison Ruge ‘88

Fae Jencks ‘06

Caitlin McCartan ‘96

Eleonora Frey ‘94

Catherine Cecile Bibow-Finucane ‘87

Rita Alexander ‘99

Valessa Kanjanapone Guinan ‘96

Karin Gordon Lupo' ‘61

Rachel Johnson ‘06

Karen Trop ‘11

Charlotte Doud ‘08

Christina Pu ‘92

Genevieve Hendricks ‘97

Tammy Taylor ‘85

Megan Dougherty ‘00

Skye Gruen ‘99

Lisa Raabe Jones ‘96

Alexandra Slote ‘94

Batinah Dawdy White ‘98

Lori Randolph ‘81

Sarah Miller Hale ‘85

Elizabeth Frye ‘84

Deepa Jajoor Coston ‘95

Melynda Shattuck Wilson ‘93

Catherine J. Ainikkal ‘15

Jenika Conboy ‘90; Houseparent, 1997-1999

Emily Neubauer ‘00

Melissa McFadden Harris ‘04

Susanne Hathaway ‘93

Chia-chie Wang ‘96

Lacey Payne Blaisdell ‘93

Susna De ‘92

Sarah Wearin Smith ‘69

Lisa Ganjhu ‘84

Dale Haysom ‘98

Margaret Laycock-Holtsclaw ‘69

Amy Stone ‘71

Shelley Vermilye Shaffer ‘84

Jane knight Hence ‘55

Mags Caney Conant ‘67

Devon Swartz ‘00

Maggie Nash ‘83

Barbara Iason ‘69

Leah Davis ‘06

Victoria Rosen ‘03

Lindsey Quinlan ‘97

Lisa Yoon ‘90

Tracey Gibson ‘96

Susannah Kehl ‘93

Carolyn Alden ‘67

Kerryn I. Kent ‘94

Barbara Mahony Kent ‘61

Nancy Cohen ‘67

Abigail Feldman ‘92

Lauren King Biscone ‘95

Laurel Gitlen ‘94

Frances Wheeler Gratz ‘67

Lisa Lee-Herbert ‘01

Rose Derbyshire ‘94

Jennifer P. Maduro, class of 1967

Patricia McLaughlin ‘67

Margy Upton Trumbull ‘67

Madeline Shaw ‘72

Abigail LaBella ‘06

Caroline Cating ‘11

Emily Langner ‘04

Karan Swaner, class of 1967

Aline Fisher ‘67

Valerie Butler, P ‘94

Lynnie Fein-Schaffer ‘13

Jodi Kittle Carle ‘89

Natalia Choi ‘11

Sophie D'Anieri ‘13

Karen Gally ‘84

Diana Powell Ward ‘54

Sophy Miles Kohler ‘99

Cynthia Hoover Stalcup ‘67

Lauren Ford ‘00

Susan Obrecht ‘74

Betsy Caney ‘63

Noël Vernon ‘67

Lauren Miller ‘11

Susan K Gaffney, P ‘97

Jessica Johnson ‘06

Suzanne Longley ‘94

Pratima Rao ‘89

Gina Brito ‘67

Andreanna Kapogiannatos ‘93

Francesca Periconi Brody ‘98

Marjorie Bell ‘74

Laura Bonade ‘90

Phoebe Siter ‘00

Galen Kacey Jones ‘11

Gigi Ilkay Horowiz ‘86

Bretta Oluyede ‘08

Sammie Oluyede ‘13

Deborah F Monticello ‘67

Sarah Woodhall Hoffert ‘88

Charlotte Buchen Khadra ‘96

Anita Rua Hanson ‘96

Eva Jaffe ‘98

Lauryn DeNenno ‘96

Marsy Lewis Herman ‘63

Karen Haugen Sack ‘63

Gaye Taylor Snyder '63

Joanne Prime ‘98

Margaret Lionberger ‘86

Megan Sypher ‘08

Kate Purcell ‘03

Denise Hartman ‘67

Jennifer Thoman, class of 2004

Connie Higgins-Beer ‘02

Amy Cole ‘83

Sue Gilbert ‘67

Susan Steiger Klann ‘74

Linda LeSourd Lader ‘67

Margaret Bownes Johnson ‘83

Melody Mackenzie, P ‘00

Susan Green LaGrande ‘63

Anjuli Smith ‘16

Emily Camp ‘63

Brianna Louie ‘13

Lena Moman ‘94

Nicole Lucas ‘89

Millie Livingston ‘74

Samantha Feldman Lagocki ‘87

Georgia Dunlap, class of 1974

Samantha Feldman Lagocki ‘87

Annelise Pitts ‘94

Shelby Campbell ‘08

Robin Pointer ‘87

Thomas Deeds, P ‘99

Nancy Spector ‘77

Bridget Kelly ‘97

Lisa Lawrence, P ‘96

Anne M Bray ‘74

Sherry Wheat ‘67

Ayanna Jones ‘99

Sarah Schneck Driscoll, ‘96

Felicia Jones ‘85

Julie Curtis ‘63

Rebekah Adamek ‘99

Elsabe Venter Buell ‘81

Brenda Ray ‘77
Amber Garland ‘03

Anne Curtis Chittenden ‘66

Daphne Deeds, P ‘99; Daughter of ‘36

Linda Stewart ‘90

Meghan Lang ‘91

Jennifer Fidance Weldon ‘83

Nancy Kovaleff ‘66

Ronald Lawrence, P ‘96

Emily King ‘63

Amber Crowley ‘01

Liz Lajeunesse ‘91

Kristen Shuart ‘96

Sarah Manning ‘87

Annie Chappell ‘74

Frederick Shuart, P '88; '96; '00

Jamila Best ‘06

Sarah Howard ‘09

Susan Barker Gutterman ‘55

Anna Banbury ‘98

Zara Acosta-Chen ‘01

Amy Armstrong Wells, class of 1997

Courtney Kramer Wilson, class of 1992

Jacqueline Droesch Brown ‘83

Miriam Zachary ‘69

Mary Louise Skinner ‘67

Heather Wells ‘88

Pamela Wejman ‘67

Maxine Mitchell ‘67

Virginia Dabney ‘67

Diane Drew ‘67

Christine Smith Moog ‘87

Yetta Katz ‘67

Marguerite Pender ‘67

Carol Diane Batchelder-Trester ‘81

Susan Collins ‘94

Sandy Mardigian ‘71

Helen Hong ‘94

Pamela Stirrat ‘67

Alyssa Thomas ‘16

Emma Cheuse ‘94

Jane Sykes-Stiles Nims ‘67

Jessica King ‘06

Jacqueline Pappas ‘83

Sue Pearson ‘83

Ashley Patterson ‘97

Erica Chase-Salerno ‘87

Charlotte Chodosh ‘88

Laura Hankin ‘78, P ‘12

Athena Nagi ‘87

Anne Hoaldridge-Dopkins ‘86

Kate-Robin Shuart ‘00

Alise Shuart ‘88

Melissa Skevington ‘06

Michelle Mimi Spreadbury ‘87

Francine Waite-Middleton ‘94

Charlotte Wolff ‘95

Yoona Ser ‘96

Philip Gitlen, P ‘94; P ‘00

Melody Mackenzie, P ‘00

William L Brown, P ‘00

Erin Youngwirth ‘00

Brooke Youngwirth ‘03

Alicia Wille Ruvinsky ‘67

Eliza Orduna ‘11

Ruby Collins ‘15

Mary T. Howell ‘81

Guinevere Hilton ‘92

Eri Fujimoto-Sekino ‘94

Laura Impert ‘71

Aimee Herriott Vincente ‘82

Tara Illgner ‘99

Martha Cray ‘67

MaryNell Morgan-Brown, P ‘00

Caron F. Cox ‘93

Caron Langaigne, P ‘93; P ‘00

Coby Glasserow, class of 2003

Virginia Remley ‘00

Ashley Edwards Combs ‘11

Jennifer Hertz ‘02

Peggy Schott, P ‘89

Amelie Zurn-Galinsky ‘82

Mayura Balakrishnan ‘15

Deborah Fox ‘73

SIGNATURES THAT ARRIVED AFTER LETTER WAS MAILED ON 7/15/16. These names will be submitted as an addendum at a later date. Thank you for continuing to sign:

Zoe Chachamovits ‘12

Erica Haspiel-Szlosek ‘75

Margaret Paine Hasselman ‘58

Krystal Donivan Kapogiannatos, P ‘93; P ‘95

Polly Longsworth ‘51

Kelly McDonald ‘05

Sarah J. Hankin ‘12

Emily Williams Moore ‘67

I. Gabrielle Patterson ‘58

Sheri Isabela ‘94

Jennie Nyulasi ‘88

Mary H. Layton ‘67

Amy Rotheim ‘86

Tina Guinot Barnes ‘82

Julianna Morgan ‘90

Ashley Bohan ‘16

Mara Simons-Jones ‘00

Mary Duncan ‘74

Sarah McDermott ‘52

Rae Erin Dachille ‘95

Rae Tyler Millman ‘63

Christie Tull ‘67

Claudia Thompson ‘71

Dori Komarin ‘92

Lila Booth ‘89

Jayne Hewitt Caines ‘96

Linda Hunker Burgess ‘67

Grace Patterson, class of 2008

Evelyn Reading ‘50

Branca Maria Ferraz ‘02

Marina Mezzogiorno-Brown ‘06

Rachelle Faroul ‘03

Amy Esposito ‘94

Ravinder Machra, P ‘16

Vinita Veravit ‘97

Bivina Ulmer ‘98

Shannon Harvey ‘95

Christina Rahr ‘84

Cate Folckemer Parker ‘71

Grier Martin ‘98

Kishori Puranik ‘03

Ann Marie Kahler, P ‘94

Barbara Strong Kirk ‘71

Sarah Bonsal Miller ‘72

Sylvia Van Sinderen ‘69

Caroline Bergh Terwilliger ‘72

Leslie Scott Hunter ‘72

Elizabeth Oakleaf ‘75

Cecilia Shumaker Osherow ‘72

Margy Dowzer ‘72

A. Jaye Campbell ‘72

SIGNATURES THAT ARRIVED AFTER LETTER WITH UPDATED LIST OF SIGNERS WAS SENT ON 7/25/16. These names will also be submitted as an addendum at a later date. Thank you for continuing to sign:

Katherine Goddard Viret ‘83

Marjorie Martin, P ‘98

Edward Breen, P'96

Sharon Stepp ‘00

Nicole Lucas ‘89

Lyn Jackson ‘72

Ann Lindsay, P ‘01

Alexis Callender ‘98

Nicole Lucas ‘89

Betsy Duryea Biernat ‘93

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