Welcome Team Managers

Please find below some useful resources to assist with Team Manager duties.  Simply click on the resource name to access the file.

If you need any other information, please email



Thanks for taking on this valuable role for the season.  Please click here to add your details to our communication list and ensure your team receives all the Club emails.


If you have specific issues relating to players or your team, please contact the Club Co-ordinator for your competition.

Mid Week Juniors: Lyn Moran 9803 9104

Friday Night Juniors: Will Schneider

Saturday Juniors: Under 8 & 10:  Glen Whitehead

                             Under 12 & 14:  Ryan Moran 

                             Under 16, 18 & 23: Brett Salter 


Click here for full season dates


The introduction of the Child Protection Act places a legal obligation on all organisations that deal with children and young people to ensure that their employees and volunteers have been appropriately screened and trained to carry out their role appropriately.  This means that we will require all our coaches to undertake the following:


This is a free process for volunteers and simply requires you to complete an online application -  click here to complete an online application and then follow the instructions on submitting your application at an Australia Post Shop.  If you already have a WWCC and need to renew it, you can now do this entirely online, please use the same link to go to the WWC website.  

Please note: police officers, teachers and coaches under 18 years of age are exempt from this requirement but need to provide proof of exemption.


This is a Basketball Victoria document (click here to access).  It needs to be completed and then signed in front of a qualified witness, similar to a standard Statutory Declaration (so can be signed in front of a pharmacist, school principal, police officer etc).


We will need all coaches to complete a short online course provided by the Australian Sports Commission in association with the Play By The Rules organisation. This is a free, entirely online course (of approximately one hour, but can be completed in stages) that covers the basic concepts of the Child Protection Act in relation to sporting clubs.  Click here to access the course.  You will obtain a certificate at the end of the course.


Coaches are required to abide by the Codes of Conduct adopted by Nunawading Kangas and ensure that all players and spectators associated with their team do likewise.  Please click on the links below to view the Codes of Conduct.

MEBA Code of Conduct

Basketball Victoria Code of Conduct


 You cannot coach without having provided the correct proof - this is Basketball Victoria's Policy - please abide by it to avoid confusion and embarrassment.  Please refer to Basketball Victoria's website for more information on their requirements.


Assistance and additional information can be obtained from Louise at .  

This may appear a difficult process, but as we are all parents of players, we are all interested in ensuring our children enjoy their sport and are safe while they do it and this process will help ensure that.



Team Managers are asked to ensure that a parent remains to supervise training sessions in addition to the coach.  This can be set up as a roster if required.  This is a requirement of our contract with training venues and ensures that an adult is always available to supervise the team if the coach needs to attend an individual player, such as in the case of an injury.


Getting Started

Information for new team managers to get the season started

Team Managers Duties

Full explanation of Team Managers Duties

Team Fixture

How to find the fixture for your team


Scoring & Paper Scoresheet

Basic instructions for paper scoresheets.  These scoresheets will usually be used during grading games at the start of the season.  If your team families are new and don't know how to score on the scoresheet the stadium often runs Scorers School at the start of the season, or please contact Louise for assistance.

Electronic Scoring

Complete instructions for the electronic scoring system

Team Contact Sheet

A template for collecting your team contact details - this is a Word document you can alter to suit your team.

Team Record Sheet

Used for recording player contributions to team court fees and games played, which is a useful double check to player eligibility for finals. This is a Word document you can alter to suit your team.

Alternate Singlets

What to do if your team is playing another Kangas team and you need alternate singlets

Fill in Players

What to do if you need a fill in player


How does MVP voting work and what do I do with the voting envelopes?

Voting Slips

Voting slip template to print out. You can print your players’ details on the back of each slip to assist voters and the Trophy Co-ordinator

Grade changes

How to find team listing after grading games if your team changes grades

Finals Eligibility

How to check if your players have qualified for finals. If you need fill in players for finals (you should have at least one sub), please contact your Co-ordinator

Finals Fixtures

How to find your finals fixture - the finals game details will only be shown after the fixture is updated with the results of the last normal round

Finals games

Your team is in the finals, what now?