Welcome to Kindergarten!

Fall Fun

Getting to know each other, classroom and school routines, classroom jobs, field trips are explored in the first months of school. Science and Social Study topics include community jobs, tools, family and current events. We visit the school garden to harvest carrots that were planted by last year’s Kindergarten students. We begin the social curriculum “Second Step” that focus on skills for learning: listening, empathy, focusing attention, problem solving.  Children are excited about eating lunch in the cafeteria, learning in the computer and science lab each week and visiting the auditorium for assemblies.

                                                      photo 1-1.JPG

Winter Wonders

With routines in place children enjoy playing outside in the snow. We also learn how animals live in the winter by exploring habitats and animal adaptations.  We continue to learn about the garden and how plants grow.  The growth and change of living things is a major part of the curriculum.                  

                                                     photo 2.JPG

Spring Surprises

Fairy tales, continents, exploration, going places, transportation, different types of homes

are studied. Surprises in the garden include digging and planting carrots.


Summer Sweetness

Hurray! Read!