Course Information: Effective Communication in the Workplace

Lesson objectives:

Attendees will learn effective methods of communication to motivate and persuade in the workplace

Evaluation measures:

Daily Assessment/Quiz

Q and A during presentations


Our Social Classroom, LLC.


 16 hours, 2 days at 8 hours


Outline, Computer or Mobile Phone Required


Day 1: Understanding Basic Psychology

  1. Understanding Motivations
  1. The 7 Driving Forces of Motivation
  2. Why they matter in communication
  1. The Need to Belong - The Group Mentality
  1. Connectedness in the workplace
  2. Imitate Body Language to Fit In
  3. The Science of Bonding and Trust
  1. Habits
  1. The Science
  2. How they are formed
  3. How to use Habits to improve Communication
  1. Carrots and Sticks
  1. Methods of Reinforcement
  2. Rewards and Negative Reinforcement
  3. Incorporating effective communication

Day 2: Improving Communication Immediately

  1. Listen Intently and Clarify What you Hear
  2. Build Trust
  1. Be Authentic
  2. Be Consistent
  3. Be Fair and Transparent
  1. Offer your Ideas
  1. There are no bad ideas
  2. Don’t worry about the credit
  1. Ask questions appropriately
  1. Correct Phrases
  2. Best timing
  1. Tackle Negative Emotions
  1. Intentional Efforts
  2. Positive Energy