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Welcome to the 2020-21 School Year!


In case you have missed our Robo Calls, here is some information your student will need for navigating the very first day of school.

 Schedules will be available on JPAMS on Sept 4.  Please print it out and ask your student to write it down in a planner and a notebook.  If you are unable to access the Student Progress Center, counselors will be available at the locations listed below with a copy of student’s schedule.   When they arrive on campus, students report immediately to their first period class.

 For Safe Start School Days, the counselors will be at the following locations to assist students:

 ·         9th grade                          At the gazebo in the middle courtyard

·         10th grade                        In the auditorium

·         11th and 12th grade          In the library

 Bring a pencil/pen, paper or notebook, and ChromeBook.  Teachers will tell students what supplies they need for the class on the first day.  That’s it.  Everything will be explained and repeated at each class.  There are over 150 adults on campus and we will be everywhere helping all of our students.

 Mr Vitrano sent a robo call to our entire student body earlier in the week announcing these first day procedures.  He will repeat that announcement at the end of this week.  

 It’s a simple process:

1.          Print out schedule on Sept 4 from the Student Progress Center.

2.          On the first day of school, get off the bus and go directly to first period classroom. (School map is posted on the website with contraflow)

3.          There is a video tour of the school located on the FHS website.


Again, faculty and staff will be everywhere to help our students.


FROM THE COUNSELORS - Schedule Change Information


1.          Incorrect placement in a class (ex: in Geometry when you should be in Algebra I)

2.          A period or requirement for graduation is missing

3.          There is a duplicate class in your schedule (ex:  in Geometry when you passed it in summer school)


1.          A different elective

2.          A different lunch

3.          A different teacher

4.          A different time


1.          Write your schedule change request on your schedule.

2.          Put your schedule in the 9th, 10th, 11th, or 12th grade basket located outside the counseling office.

3.          Submit only 1 request; be patient; we are working as fast as we can.

Due to COVID -19, you may not come to the counseling office.  If we need to talk to you about your schedule change, we will call you.  We expect everyone to follow this process.