ASB Grant Application

*The money from this grant must go toward the benefit of the school and its students.

*You can apply for any amount between $0-$500

Name: _________________________

Grade: __________________________

Amount Requested: __________________________

What organization are you requesting the money for? ___________________________

What is the grant money being spent on? (down to the penny)

*You cannot just say “we need the money for more supplies”

*A complete budget is required for this grant(for example: $19.95 for a $3.99 x 5 orange juice cartons)

*It must a be a specific item, event, or project that this money is for

*You may paste the link to a spreadsheet of budget if you’d prefer

Why use grant money instead of fundraising?


Who at SHS will benefit and how?

What has your organization done to fundraise this year?

*list the fundraiser(s) and how much you made?

Club/Program Advisor Signature:


Student Signature