Describe a time you had a frustrating technical problem, and when you took it to the tech person for help all they had to do was look at it and everything was back to normal. 

Maarten (CA) I am that tech person. It's called skillz. ;)

Alan (CA) I was that tech guy. It was called "the touch"

Matthew (MO) Same here. Known as fingerspitzengefühl ;-)

Jennifer (CA) Happens to my teachers daily - but also happens time when I ask the tech guy for help too

Sara (MI) Every. Dang. Time.

Kim (UT) That's me every time with teachers and students! Love to be a techie!

Terra-Lee (Alberta, CA) All the time!! Same goes for my vehicle!

Alice (CA) I'm the tech person

Darcy (Shanghai) Every day of my life.

Cindy (MO) how many times do you want me to describe??

Lindsay (TX) I once helped a teacher who had no sound. We plugged her audio cord into the jack in the wall. #ProblemSolved #Magic

Margie (MO) I just tell my teachers that the computer knows when Mom's in the room and they'd better straighten up. Works way more often than I'd like to admit!

Margie (MO) Our secretary said her computer was acting up, so I laid my hand on top of the screen and it worked fine.

Jeannine (NY) Hahaha that's funny

Eric (CA) It is kinda like when a class is bad for a sub but when you walk in they behave. Can't network a printer but I walk in and then it happens.

Jeannine (NY) Recently a printer was not feeding paper properly for a teacher. I tried. But I couldn't bring it back online after clearing it. Tech walked in. Printer prints just fine for him.

Dana (CA) My computer crashes and takes forever to restart at work almost every day. When IT is there, it NEVER does it. It works just fine.

Ann (KY) As an ITF, I had a magic wand on my desk. When kids would bring me their iPads and tell me what was wrong, I would wave it over top and like magic, it would work!

Dave (MI) My laptop in my office was not able to print. I could not get any printers to display. I tried different wireless networks. Nothing. Totally boggling. I took the laptop down to the Tech Room where my staff was for them to check on it. They opened the laptop and presto! Printing without issue.

Walked back to my office. Nothing. Zip. Zero. Zilch.

Walked back to the Tech Room. Presto!



Back to my office.


Come to find out, it was in issue with the switch that was being used for the wireless access points in my office area. The access points in the Tech Room were served by a different switch.

It was like magic. Frustrating magic.

Barbara (CO) My 3D printer lays down the guide line and then messes up except for using the templates. So it is not clogged or anything like that. IT logged into the laptop, then logged into my Makerbot account. Worked perfectly. She left. I logged onto the machine, opened my account and the print goobers up. Sigh.

If you are a tech person who has the magical ability to solve technical problems by just walking into the room, please explain how this power works.

Matt (TN) Magnetic personality :)

Liz (Chicago) I find for my students it is my mere presence but has to be within 3 ft.

Karie (Wisconsin) Magic

Kymberli (Illinois) I swear that all of the above things are true.

Kymberli (Illinois) Many times, the person who has the tech problem has performed all of the same steps before I arrive. And then... I arrive and have them demonstrate the exact same steps that they did earlier, and VOILA! Everything works perfectly. And I wink and smile and say, "You did it! I was just here to witness it.!"

Jon (California) “A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it.  It just blooms.”

Gena (MI) I think we are born with it. However, it doesn't always work and once you retire it rarely works when you think it should.

Joe (Illinois) It's a mystery. My favorite fix was back in the serial cable days. Some Macs just couldn't see their printer until we reversed the serial cable. And then there's always plugging things in or just turning them on.

Jennifer (CA) I built the computer -- I can take the computer out --- and it knows it. :)

Jennifer (CA) If most people hit the magical ON OFF button before they called us....the would have super powers too. :)

Kymberli (Illinois)True. I shudder to even ask, "Did you try rebooting it?" because it's always met with an icy glare. So I have changed that to, "Let's see if ANOTHER reboot will help it come to its senses, shall we?"

Sheila (MD) Sometimes, plugging it in works, too.

Jeremy (MI) Actually I am just an all powerful Tech God with amazing magical powers. Call me the Tech Whisperer....That is all. I'm just made that way! ;)

Liz (Chicago) We are a rare breed.

Jeremy (MI) Thank goodness...Job security!

Kymberli (Illinois) I work from home, and I run daily webinars and host group meetings. I have spent 35 years in Ed Tech, so I know most of the the things that can go wrong. Normally, before an important presentation to national deans or the like, I log into my "room" 20 minutes early and load EVERY item required for my preso. On more than a few occasions, I have encountered "mandatory updates" that require restarts, etc.

Erin (KS) I'm just magic.

Michelle (Australia/Naples FL) The reassurance of the physical presence (or online connection) to a tech expert lowers the adrenalin and cortisol stress responses, allowing the client to relax for a moment and think again, and solve their own problem. So our superpowers are related to the calming aura we unconsciously emanate. (Equal parts scientific explanation and pseudoscientific mumbojumbo )

Dave (MI) It's called the Law of Proximity. The Law of Proximity states that objects that are near or 'proximate' to each other tend to be grouped together. When we enter the room, we become one with the technology.

Kim (UT) Magic

Kim (UT) The Force

Lindsay (TX) I attract problems when I walk into a room. They seem to find me no matter where I hide.

Dean (KS) In several cases you are correct Dennis. In other cases it is as simple as a reboot.

Bryan (CA) I agree with Dave's post. It's sort of a force thing and knowing how it works. Usually the problem is the other person is overlooking a simple thing.

Kathleen (Shanghai) Do graphing calculators count?

Dawn I say I'm like Wi-Fi. Your tech will only work when I'm in range.

Jeannine (NY) I tell people it's not me. It's the law of averages. Like when you take the car to the mechanic and it stops making the noise. But it's okay. I like easy ones to fix. I hate the ones where I have to say, "Oh I'm sorry I can't fix that. Let me call it in". I am way too impatient for that "stuff".

Shelby (St. Louis) I call it my "tech fairy dust". All I usually have to do is be close to the machine, talk in a calming voice, and it will magically start working.

Shannon (Conn) I say I have really good juju and that when they are in my orbit it just works. They laugh and swear it didn't work until I walked in.

Karen (MD) Technology likes me. 😊

Christie The devices sense when I come in the room & have learned that resistance is futile. They usually give in immediately and work as expected. ;)

Laura (MI) Fear. The computers and tech fear me.

Karen I tell them I'm magical 🦄

Ann (KY) Oh! Just seeing this! Posted my magic wand story on the other post!

Dawn Turn it off and back in usually works. Magical reboot.

Jenny Technology is like teenagers. When you get frustrated with them, they stop working.

JP (TX)  I totally agree with Laura!!! I would tell the person what it's because I have no problem throwing it out the window. Once while trying to fix a TI-84 Graphing Calculator that wouldn't work I literally threw it across the room and it started working... 😂

Barbara (CO) Mostly teachers call me to fix something and it is a loose cable or a reboot works. They go to brain stem and am amazed that I fixed it. They think I am a genius! Of course, sometimes I am the one to call for help, but I know enough to be embarrassed. 😬

Sheila (MD)  Technology likes us better, and fears us more!