AC1 Newsletter

Lois Stitt/Wendy Stepherson

April  2018

  Snack Week

Thank you to the families that have provided the class with such nutritious and delicious snacks-the students really appreciate them!

Please check the snack sheet for your snack week.


*Remember to log money spent on snacks as volunteer hours!

Friendly Reminders

Please send a blanket for your child each week

Please label who and for what any money you send in is to be used for

Important Dates

April 23- NO SCHOOL

May 2nd- PTO Picnic

May 11- Field Day


What's coming up…

Week of:

April 9

Unit: Vertebrates/Mammals

April 16

Unit: Amphibians/Insects

April 23

Unit: Experiments


Upcoming Events

Parent/ Teacher conferences (K-LE, & UE) are April 23rd. No school for students.

Pre-K conferences will be offered May 7, 8, & 9. More info to come-

We need your help with…

  • We have started Sweet Feet again every Tuesday. Please be sure to send students in sneakers.
  • Please update your Family Service Hours Log
  • Please practice counting by 1s to 20 and review letter sounds and name writing with your child.

Family Service Hours

The login sheet for Family Service Hours is available. Please keep track of any hours until you can input them in at the link below. Call school if you need the password: