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Wayland Public Schools Acceptable Use/ Internet Safety Policy (AUP/ISP)

K to 8th GRADE

Computer, Network, and Internet - - Terms and Conditions






The Wayland School District (WPS) believes that the use of computer networked resources, electronic communications, and the Internet have become an integral part of the educational program. It is understood that all of our computer networked services are provided exclusively for educational purposes; those that are related to the preparation and completion of classroom lessons, assignments and other pertinent school business.

With proper filtering through our Juniper Firewall, supervision and education in place, it is still the responsibility of all computer users to make sure they comply with providing a safe and secure learning environment when using technology. All WPS students are provided appropriate instruction on a yearly basis on Acceptable Use and Internet Safety.

LARK highlights the guidelines that our students are to follow:

Legal - I will

Appropriate - I will

Responsible - I will

Kind - I will

I understand that I will only be able to use school technology if I follow these rules.