Designed and engineered in California by Valleytronics, these solar systems employ Hi-Power Modules© that average 40% higher power output. The higher power output means a reduced solar panels count. Less solar panels equal a smaller and less ominous solar array footprint. The array of solar panels can be mounted on patio covers and carports  for easier, safer installation and maintenance.

Decreasing the Solar Module/Panel count also means a significantly lower overall price - about 1/2 of the typical system price on the market. So instead of the 10-to-15 year timeframe to recover the cost of a typical solar system based on today’s electricity rates and a given amount of power consumption, the cost of a Super-Solar System© can be recovered in 4 to 5 years. Thereafter, the electricity generated from your Solar System is yours, and it’s FREE.

Solar panels have a useful life of 30 years or more; many systems installed in the late 70’s are still in operation, and that’s first-generation technology. You cannot vouch the same for the other appliances you own. As electricity rates continue to rise in the near future, the length of time to recover the cost may even be less.

With energy prices on the rise, especially electricity and natural gas rates, the cost-savings over the 30-year life of the system is virtually incalculable beyond projected estimates. Let’s just say the payback will be a great economic benefit. The least complicated way to look at it is “big monthly utility bill forever, vs. a minimal utility bill, or even bill with a credit balance in the form of accumulated kiloWatt hours (aka Net Metering Agreement with the utility company).

System prices start at a practical and affordable USD$15,000 for a Basic System, sufficient for a household that averages 500kW or less of monthly consumption, roughly $150 to $200 per month including utility taxes and fees. To ease into owning your own power generation, start with a Basic System. As your electric power needs increase later on, your system can be upscaled to produce more power; for charging a plug-in electric car for instance. Remember that it is not necessary to “zero” your electric bill; bringing it down to a few tens of dollars is actually more economically advantageous. There is such a thing as producing more electric power than your needs, at a higher capital cost (initial system outlay).

Energy cost-savings possibilities:

You save $200/month on your utility bill. In 30 years time, you would have saved $72,000 assuming a zero electric rate increase (right, of course...) The “savings” investment rate-of-return at 7%...$250K? The savings could add up to a nice retirement. So your bill is higher?’ll be rich! Many of us are not conscious of our spending. Remember electric rates are more likely to go up - not down - your real savings could potentially be greater.

As you upgrade your solar system, you may want to go 100% electric: Elec. water heater, furnace, etc. You would then be 100% Eco-Friendly! Or minimize your gas bill by lowering your gas heater thermostat to 65 degrees Fahrenheit, then add electric room heaters. Free energy for the electric car in your future. All things considered, your real monthly savings will be significant.


Some likely predictions:

·    Electric & gas rates will rise inevitably*

·    You will (continue to) use electricity

·    You will likely own an electric car  

*Even though (in 2015) the US is now the #1 oil and natural gas producer thanks to our fracking technology, we cannot escape the utility monopolies. Monopolies are established by local governments, and part of the exclusivity is the imposition of certain fees and taxes.

A solar system is one of the few assets you can own that actually pays dividends with no market risk; highly unlikely your PV Solar System will become unfashionable or out-dated. As the US dollar weakens because you-know-who is “inflating the money supply, aka inflation” (printing more money in order to offset national debt), you will pay out more dollars for the same amount of energy consumed in the near future. It may very well become your single largest recurring monthly expense.

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