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Air Masses, Fronts, Pressures

Air masses review

1. Regarding air masses, what do these letters represent?






2. On the diagram to the left, mark the air masses as cA, cP, cT, mT, or mP based on where they are coming from.

Fronts review

3. At points 1 and 2 on the diagram below, label the air as cold or warm, then draw the symbols on the front boundary to represent a cold front, warm front, or occluded front.

4. What is the forecast in Binghamton? (Is warm air coming, or cold air?) ________________________

5. What forms along the edge (boundary) of a front? ____________________________

6. For each type of front, draw the cross section (side view)

Warm front

Cold front

Occluded front

Pressure review

The arrows represent air movement. Why do you think good weather is associated with High pressure zones and poor weather is associated with Low pressure zones?

The picture above represents how air moves around high pressure areas and low pressure areas. Complete the statements below:

7. Air moves downward at ____________ pressure areas

8. Air moves upward at ____________ pressure areas

9. Air moves counterclockwise at ____________ pressure areas

10. Air moves clockwise at ____________  pressure areas

11. Explain why air moves away from high pressure areas and toward low pressure areas

Isobar review

12. Draw at least 10 arrows on the map to the left to represent air movement.

13. Draw an H at the highest pressure area and an L at the lowest pressure area. (the numbers on the lines represent isobars, or lines of constant pressure).