A Transitional Housing Program Serving Homeless Families

After being the fortunate recipients of a HUD Supportive Housing Grant for over 20 years, HUD is changing their focus and will no longer provide this funding anywhere in Idaho.  While this is a great loss to us financially it is also an opportunity to have more flexibility in how we serve homeless families in our community. We have been preparing for this shift and it will take place June 1st of this year. Our focus moving forward will be moving families in to permanent housing as quickly as possible. Due to affordable housing shortages and the possibility of the poor rental histories of our clients, this may take 6 months to a year to accomplish. Upon securing employment adults will be expected to pay 30% of their income as fees for our program. While historically this money paid has gone back to the client to pay for initial housing costs, this will not be possible after the loss of operating funds from HUD. We will assist our clients in either saving money for those expenses or accessing assistance through other agencies for this expense.  Historically, clients could stay for 2 years which we have found to be too long. While this length of time gave us an opportunity to support the client to make long term changes in lifestyle, the clients became too comfortable. By paying for a portion of the program they are participating in, they will have more of an incentive to move on more quickly. With this said, we will be addressing issues that have brought them to homelessness while they reside in our service.

We will also be moving all of our services to Sandpoint. We have operated the Trestle Creek Friendship Center since 2000. This is a lovely facility with three, 3 bedroom houses a two bedroom house and a communal living house with 4 bedrooms and 4 1/2 baths. The location of this facility has proven costly for our clients however regarding transportation, and is not sustainable for them without assistance. By shortening the length of stay for clients in the program, and moving all operations to our Sandpoint facility we hope to serve as many families, and single women in a year as we did at both facilities thus making our program more efficient.  We will still have staff and volunteers to offer services such as case management, budgeting, housing, job search, transportation and other needs that arise.

Our volunteer program is being overhauled, and will offer many opportunities for community members to support our clients in moving forward.

We believe our program fills a vital need in our vibrant community. This transition will result in needing more local financial support. If you would like to contribute you can do so by visiting our website at, or by mailing your donation to P.O. Box 1696 Sandpoint, ID  83864.

We would like to thank the members of our community for their past support, and look forward to working with the community for future support.


The Board & Staff of the Bonner County Homeless Task Force

Dba: Bonner Homeless Transitions

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Bonner Homeless Transitions/ PO Box 1696, Sandpoint, ID 83835/208-265-2952/