Gabriel Tosh


Forged with Jeff Reynolds and Kristen Ashton


Originally one of Mengsk’s loudest supporters, it wasn’t long before this disillusioned reality came crashing down. Following a mental break brought on by suffering mental damage unintentionally caused by Nova, Tosh began losing himself to visions of his grandmother and the Haji voodoo god of death.

In time, he distanced himself from Mengsk, choosing to pursue the formation and multiplication of the spectres. In the end, Tosh came meet one of two fates. Either he joined with Raynor in the seemingly impossible task of felling Mengsk or was murdered by Nova, the woman he once loved.

Jeff’s Choices



Trait- “Voodoo”

“Voodoo, or its psionic equivalent, is a massive power in itself, one that Tosh possesses as a spectre. Through the use of a doll, it can affect an individual from up to at least six light years away.” In the Nexus as a spectre Tosh would be able to use this Voodoo magic in a special way. Tosh can select an enemy and that character (enemy hero, minion, merc or boss) will take damage every time that Tosh deals damage to ANY enemy. So If Tosh uses the Voodoo on Raynor and then begins to attack Stitches, Raynor will also take damage from all damage done to Stitched by Tosh. This lasts for a short amount of time but it does not have a range once it is cast on an enemy.

Mount- Starcraft “Stinger” 6 Wheeled Jeep like vehicle that has an off road look.

Q- “AGR-14 rifle”

The choice weapon for a Spectre this is a long range weapon that Tosh uses for his auto attacks. When this is activated it goes into a burst mode and fires three uranium rounds followed by a damage dealing grenade at the target.

W- “Consumption”

Tosh has the ability to drain a percentage of health from a friendly hero and depending on the percentage drained he gains attack damage. Tosh would want to target a friendly tank with a large health pool to gain the most benefit from this ability. This attack buff only lasts for a short amount of time and Tosh is not able to bring the friendly hero below 10% Health.

E- “Mind Blast”

This is a powerful psychic attack that Tosh can unleash on the enemy. When activated the target can see a Mind Blast icon above. After a very short amount of time they will be stunned by this psychic attack. But that's not all, This works in the same way that living bomb spreads with KT. If another hero is near the affected hero once the stun hits they will also gain the countdown for the stun and have the opportunity to spread it as well.

Heroic 1- “Terrazine”

“Terrazine's effects are unpredictable, though it possesses mind-altering qualities and can enhance the psionic power of ghosts and other psychics, increasing their power by 1 or more points on the Psi Index scale, though the effects would probably not be noticeable on an individual possessing an average PI. Gabriel Tosh believed this could increase a ghost's powers to near those of the protoss. Terrazine also rejuvenates a terran's brain cells, allowing them to overcome memory wipes and other such treatments. At least some spectres can also more easily resist mind-reading and can avoid picking up unwanted thoughts.”

One of three things happens when this low cooldown heroic is activated:

Heroic 2- “Telepathy” 

Using his Telepathy Tosh is able to infiltrate the minds of the enemy heroes. When this is activated those enemy heroes in range will have all of their abilities switched around randomly on their key bindings. This may give the friendly team an advantage in a team fight as the enemy team attempts to recognize their keys and may even activate the wrong ability.

Specialty Skin: Gabriel Tosh.0 OR Jedi Mind Trick Tosh OR Dr Facilier

Dance: Country Line Dance

Kristen’s Choices




        Assassin (stealth - burst)


        Surprise Factor

Tosh deals critical damage with his first attack (be it a basic or ability) as he comes out of stealth. He also has permanent cloaking, going invisible after 3 seconds of being out of combat.


        Haji Bike

                He would drive a bike souped up based on the planet Haji’s designs.


Mind Blast

Tosh emits a blast of psionic energy in a circle around him that deals a small amount of damage but, more importantly, stuns all those enemies stuck in his circle of death.



A powerful manipulator of the mind, Tosh can warp reality simply by altering how an enemy views themselves. While under this effect, the target enemy Hero is unable to remember how to use their abilities correctly. Choosing one ability in this state causes a backfire, damaging them each time they choose an ability.



Marking three nearby targets, Tosh connects himself with them mentally, using them as founts of life as he comes out of stealth and begins attacking his decided target. His three targets remain marked for the duration or until they run out of range.


Now You See Me

During this heroic, Tosh becomes a master of movement. When activated, Tosh flashes in and out of stealth, gaining increased speed when invisible and increased damage when visible.


        Big Bad Voodoo

Provided Tosh has killed the target enemy Hero at least once this game, obtaining a much needed hair from the victim, he constructs a voodoo doll of that character, one that allows him a different set of abilities while he is focused on the doll. During this heroic, he can choose to stab or throw the doll, resulting in physical damage or forced movement shifts on the target enemy Hero. There is a small percentage, though, that the doll belongs to another enemy Hero, if Tosh has killed more than one.



Now part lion, Toshi-O holds aloft his butterfly knife.




Like the robot, but faster.