Only the pickiest editors will spot errors

Thoroughly edited--conventions enhance meaning and voice

Complexity of the text showcases a wide range of conventions

Virtually ready to publish


Minor errors that are easily overlooked

Edited--conventions support meaning and voice

Sufficient complexity reflects skills in numerous conventions

Almost ready to publish--just needs light touch-ups


Noticeable errors, but message is still clear

Edited for general readability

Shows control over basics (eg, capitalization and punctuation)

Good once-over needed prior to publication


Noticeable, distracting errors get in the way of the message

Erratic editing--many things missed

Problems with basic conventions

Thorough, careful editing needed before publication


Frequent, distracting errors get in the way of the message

Minimal editing, if any

Numerous errors, even on the basics

Line-by-line editing needed before publication


Serious, frequent errors make reading this a real effort

Lack of editing leaves even patient readers struggling

Errors on basics obscure meaning, put up roadblocks

Word-by-word editing needed before publication