VA Farm

The VA Farm is meant as an extension to Victoria Academy. Based on farm chores and discipline, located in the beautiful naturescape of Victoria Academy, with the option of what’s for students boarders and live there, it’s aimed to provide a new side and potential to the school.

Written on 01st of February 2017

Last Change was done on 01st of February 2017

Due to the novelty of this project, changes might come soon. They will be announced.

I. Description

II. Farm staff

II. 1. Farm Staff Profile

II. 2. Rules that apply

II. 3. Amendments to rules

II. 4. Living, the farm-staff house

II.4. 1. Staff Common House

II.4. 2. Staff Personal House

III. Authority

IV. School students

V. Chores

VI. Application

VII. A few management notes

I. Description

The Farms and Stables of Victoria Academy serve our students and staff, with supplies and horses for horse riding. They are part of the School Campus, with dedicated personnel and responsibilities.

Workers there (Farm Girls / Farm Boys) are expected to do chores and provide for the school, while maintaining themselves a high degree of integrity and conduct, towards their superiors.

The people directly responsible for the stables-farm are The Stables Master and the Groundskeeper, with any assistants they might wish to have.

II. Farm staff

The Farm will have a Staff composed of a group of five people, except the Stables Master, Groundskeeper and assistants of theirs.

Currently there are positions open and anyone that fits the profile will be considered upon their application

“Farm Staff” refers to Farm Boys/Girls, not to the stables master, groundskeepers and assistants.

The roles are:

Farm Staff - Farm workers, /s

Farm Assistants - Assistants of the Farm Master (Switch)

Farm Master

(names might be changed in the future)

II. 1. Farm Staff Profile

Unlike the student's profile and expected personality: good boarding school students, not brats, expected to do well in school and have manners, not misfits or people that need to be tamed, the Farm Staff can be country-side oriented people, with an appeal for chores but less for social and social pleasantries.

They are still expected to have an obedient side and be willing to serve.

D/s wise their profiles should lean more towards the “slave” (as often understood in SL) side, often maids or housekeepers.

Age wise, all VA is 18 + however most of our students are around that age. Farm staff can be older of age.

II. 2. Rules that apply

On a basic Victoria level, same rules and expectations apply for everyone, with the amendments for staff described further

You are also expected to be familiar with the Candidate Book.

II. 3. Amendments to rules

Above rules are applied with the following basic amendments (very important):

  1. Farm staff will not attend classes. They are not allowed as a default to participate in classes, clubs or other educational activities. They are allowed to attend school events like parties or show. They can be allowed in class if the stables master allows them and the teacher agrees, but do not count on it.
  2. Farm staff will not mingle in the school area. They are to be at all times on farm-stables grounds. Exception is if they were told otherwise by their superior staff, like doing a chore, helping one of our students with something etc
  3. They are to follow etiquette rules and proper addressing including towards students. Farm staff is protocol wise, under our students, but lenience is expected.

E.g. You should address a student as “Miss” but standing when she enters a room can be done on a case by case basis, depends of the persons involved, who’s around etc.

In a group with school staff or students, they are not to speak without asking or monopolize the conversation.

  1. They can’t be punished by students or punish students (officially)
  2. School students can boss farm staff mildly but is not encouraged, one never knows how that might end.
  3. The Farm Staff is not to wear uniform, but proper, decent farm clothing. They will be provided such from the school if they need. Their appearance should be neat and proper at all times, from shoes, undergarments, dresses, pants, to hair and nails. Guidelines will be provided if needed.

II. 4. Living, the farm-staff house

II.4. 1. Staff Common House

The Farm Staff will be provided a house equivalent with the students dorm, in which they will live together.

Common sense rules apply in matters of decorating (if not sure, ask), cleanliness and neatness of house

II.4. 2. Staff Personal House

For a better immersion, Farm Staff can choose to live in the students boarders regime. That means asking permission to leave the campus, to bring people and strict rules about your appearance outside school.

If one opts-in this option, they will be provided a house (hut) together with some other farm-staff that chose the same option. House will have no real privacy, not a parcel, not a rental, but part of the school - will the the equivalent of a boarders bed in the dorm. Still it requires dedication and time given to Victoria fully, but will reward one with a better immersion in their SL. House will be provided and basically decorated by the school.

It is expected for you to be present and involved in Victoria. This privilege is given or taken on the discretion of school management, based on an evaluation of your contribution (NON-Material that is) to the school.

III. Authority

The main responsible for the farm are the stables & farm masters. They also hold first right of discipline and solving issues of their staff, firstly in the farm-stables area.

School staff is not to mingle, unless absolutely necessary or asked to.

The headmistress or headmaster of the school can intervene if necessary.

On school grounds (not farm grounds), they can be reported to them if they misbehave or act mildly upon them (no long term punishment).

These are basic guidelines but they can be agreed on a case by case situation, with the stables master consent.

IV. School students

School students are not allowed without staff permission in the farms area.

Their relationship with the farm staff, even if procol wise the farm staff is on a lower level, should be kept in pleasant lines.

Students can be send to the farm as punishment, but not on indefinite periods.

V. Chores

The farm will use the AURA farm chores. They will be added or removed based on number of people, decided by the school management together with the Stables Master.

Chores examples: Field working, tending animals, feeding them, watering and many more.

Farm Staff might also be asked to help in the school kitchen.

Farm Staff will also have to do stables and farm grounds cleaning.

Farm Staff will also be asked to maintain the witzend park (cleaning) on a rota basis.

Farm girls might also work as maid for Senior girls, as reward for them, if agreed with the school staff & stables master.

VI. Application

To apply, send a NC to the headmistress Stiina Pi'ne (christina.aedipo) as following:

Copy below in a SL note-card and fill as instructed.


NAME VA Farm Application


Contents of NC:


[ ] Farm Staff (/s roles)

[ ] Stables Master Assistant (more switch roles)


[ ] Male

[ ] Female

[ ] Gender-fluid

[ ] I consider to be permanent staff (live on the farm grounds)

Filled on date [ ... ]

And small polite letter of intent, describing why you would be fit for the role




You will be contacted shortly after.

VII. A few management notes

The farm is meant to be an annex to Victoria Academy. By no means it should take over the school focus or resources, more than designed by management.

Interaction is prescribed through rules, but read it wisely and don’t think the intent is to keep everyone limited.

There is big potential in this, both on D/s lines and more on actual role-play. I wouldn’t want to spell things, but I will if I have to.