A Tuition Free Public School                                   

All Students

2 boxes of Kleenex

2-One inch binders              Colored pencils

Subject dividers                   Filler paper

10 page protectors               2-3 notebooks

Highlighters                          Scissors

Markers                                Scotch Tape

Your favorite pencils and pens


Desk organizers

Sketch pad, other art paper, poster board

Art supplies you will want to use

Athletic Shoes for basketball, walking, running, etc.

Planner/Calendar if you prefer paper over digital

Any other supplies you would like to use in your personal workspace

Donations CHOICE would appreciate

Kleenex, paper towels, printer paper, pencils, pens, rulers, compass & protractors, non scented cleaning wipes, construction paper, poster board, craft/art supplies, paints of all types, paintbrushes, filler paper, wood working scraps