St Louis, MO 63122 • 206.852.2852 • foresterh@gmail.com


Experienced software developer and architect that enjoys working on web and mobile projects.  On the web side, comfortably works from the browser to the database, and everything in between.  Has successfully carried several enterprise applications from conception to release.  Enjoys challenging roles that provide the ability to continually learn and evolve and make sure the brain doesn’t get too bored.



Web Technologies: AngularJS, Backbone, ASP.NET MVC4, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Django, XML, AJAX, JSON, Bootstrap, ServiceStack, OAUTH, XSL, Web Services, APIs, SOAP, REST, SaaS, SOA, Xamarin (Forms, Android, and iOS)

Programming Languages: C#, JavaScript, Java (Android), Objective C (iOS), Python, Ruby, VB.Net

APIs: Authorize.Net, Facebook, Paypal, Google, Twitter, Parse, Mailchimp, Mandrill

IDEs: XCode, Eclipse, IntelliJ, Visual Studio 2015, Xamarin Studio, Sublime Text 3, Vim, Android Studio

Relational Databases: MS SQL Server 2000-2012, MySQL, SQLite, AS400

NoSQL Databases: Redis, CouchDB, MongoDB, AppEngine (Google) Datastore, (MS Azure) Mobile Services

Platforms: Windows XP, 7, 8, Server 2003-2012, Linux, OSX, Azure, Amazon EC2, Rackspace

Testing: NUnit, SpecFlow, Cucumber, MSpec, Load Testing, Integration Testing, Unit Testing

Source Control: Git, Svn, Mercurial, TFS, SourceSafe

Methodologies: Agile/Scrum/XP, TDD/BDD, Kanban


Lead Member of Technical Staff                                                         2/16 - Current

Salesforce (remote)

Work of Windows team to create app for Surface and Desktop (and Windows Phone for a hot minute) to integrate with Salesforce.

Sr Mobile Developer (contract)                                                         6/15 – 2/16

Projekt202, LLC, Seattle, WA (based in Dallas, TX)

Created an app for Android and iOS using Xamarin and C# to communicate via Wi-Fi and USB to a hardware device. Intensely optimized to squeeze every last clock cycle out of the CPU and GPU to handle 20,000 KB/sec data transfer from device to mobile app.  Incoming data was plotted on Shinobi Charts and statistical analysis was displayed, both in real time as data was streaming.  USB communication layer was written in C++ to reduce any overhead.

Dev Lead, .Net Developer                                                         10/13 – 6/15

Daptiv, Inc, Seattle, WA

In charge of a team of 6 developers and 2 QA on enhancements and new features on a .Net stack with a REST API and AngularJS client side framework.  Used Kanban to manage project.

Dev Lead, .Net Developer (contract)                                                 3/13 – 8/13

Smashing Ideas, Seattle, WA

EverAfterHigh.com, MonsterHigh.com – Brought in to assist with a project for Mattel, to integrate a CMS system (Tridion) into an MVC4 website for a new product offering (Ever After High dolls).  Contract was extended several times to help with maintenance and then next project, Monster High.

Lead Developer, Architect                                                         6/12 – 2/13

Gratafy, Seattle, WA

Website (mobile and desktop), native app (Android and IOS), and integrated point of sale (POS) software that allows users to send gifts to local restaurants using a social network and redeem with 3 digit code directly through POS, requiring no printing, scanning, or long numbers. ASP.Net MVC4, SQL Server 2012, Redis, Azure,C#5, Social Media APIs (i.e., facebook integration)

Senior Developer                                                                3/11 – 6/12

Corbis Corporation, Seattle, WA

Marvin (2011) - IRC bot (inspired by Phenny and Hubot and Marvin) to perform work and keep IRC channel interesting.  Performed tasks such as building and deploying projects, imitating others (using markov chain), and checking on uptime/server status.  All with a pessimistically sarcastic attitude. Python, MSBuild, Powershell, Redis

Web Developer (contract)                                                          10/10– 3/11

Quorum Review, Inc, Seattle, WA

Developer, Architect (contract)                                                         4/10– 10/10

Eat Your Books, Seattle, WA

http://www.eatyourbooks.com – A system to catalog ingredients and titles of your personal cookbooks.  Entering the title or isbn allows users to search by type, ingredient, occasion, etc. ASP.Net MVC3, C# 3.5, SQL Server2008 R2, Lucene, Javascript, jQuery

Senior Developer, Architect, Dev Lead                                                 9/08 – 4/10

Meridian Group, Inc, Seattle, WA

SmartStubs (2010/2012) – http://www.smartstubs.com Realtime mobile (Android) and web (desktop) solution for selling tickets and managing inventory for tourism and travel products. Customizable reporting engine that can send reports on recurring basis.  Customizable commission engine that can show effect of applying dollar or percentage to products/dates. Flexible pricing based on location, date, and combination of products purchased, with optional included costs (such as gas fee) and additional (such as tax). ASP.Net Webforms/MVC4, C# 4, SQL Server 2008/2012, Authorize.Net

Developer, Business Analyst. SpecTec., Issaquah, WA, 9/07 – 9/08 (FTE)

Developer, Dev Lead                                                                 9/01 – 9/07

Diligenz, Inc., Mukilteo, WA

AutoSender (2006) - A system for queueing and automatically sending outgoing messages. Included faxing and emailing with or without attachments. Put together system to queue up messages and log success and failures. Also designed UIs to monitor logs of what has or hasn’t been sent.  Sort of like Mandrill, I just realized. C#, SQL Server 2000

Order Manager (2005) - A system to batch together orders. Included system of storing order relationships in database and front end UIs to view and edit batches and orders contained in them. Also included the ability to send orders to customers in batches (using outgoing message system). C#, ASP.Net Webforms


Technical Support Certification (1999)

A-Plus Certification (1999)

Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD) Certified (2004)

Software Development: Practices and Project Management – University of Washington  (2006) Certificate program for Software Project Managers. 

Object Oriented Analysis and Design – University of Washington Certificate (2007)