Tuesday 4th February 2014

Blended Learning Exemplar: Blended learning opportunities are highlighted in Green

Digital Citizenship Workshop 1: Who are we and how do we act online?

Time Frame

Learning Sequence

Resources Required

35 - 45mins

This part is about connecting students to each other and the wider community in terms of their online and digital presence.

Key ideas:

- Connectedness

Let’s get connected (Self to others)!

Provocation Videos:

How does the internet affect you?

History of Technology in education


21st Century Education


Discussion: What is the most interesting thing about the videos?

Complete this via a forum on Moodle or on a Google form to collect data regarding student voice.

Go and Find the top site you use:

Pictures of the major Social Network and websites placed on the walls/tables with brown paper.

Students given options of >1hr, 1hr, 2hrs, 3hr, 4hr, 5hr or <5hr per week - place their name under the picture and number of hours per week.

Create a Padlet wall listing what websites you use and for how long. Each learning hub could have one of these.

Move back into Hub Groups and discuss these Key Questions:

How long do you spend online?

What websites do you post to regularly?

What technology/digital spaces do you use?

Share back as community to create a digital community wall (see exemplar page), and collect the number of students using each site.

This could also be completed as a collaborative Google Doc, Padlet Wall or in any other way you feel is appropriate, perhaps students could even create their own Google Site about their online lives.

Large Brown Paper Roll

Map of World on A3

String and pins/blue tack


Pet Hates (About Others and Generalising with others):


What do you dislike about people who use technology?

Discuss why and then come up with 8 guidelines for Digital Manners for their hubs.

Hub Coach could create a Google Doc/other online pin board etc of their Hub’s Digital Manners.

Coloured Memo Pads/Post Its

10 - 15mins

Taking a more Global Focus and generating questions that might concern or interest

Shift Happens (Self to World) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XVQ1ULfQawk 

If we live in this world - what questions or challenges might we face online?

Bus Stop - Positive, Negative, Interesting or I wonder…../ Photo Collaborative challenge, take a photograph or a quick video about how we could use the

Brown Paper/Online Wall Wisher for those with devices