11.06   Tuition Assistance Policy

Date of Review:  Jan 2017

Expiry Date:      Jan 2020

Accountability:  FC

  1. Applications for Tuition Assistance will be submitted to the Board Treasurer and a meeting will be called to complete the assessment.

  1. Meeting Participants will include Applicant, the Board Treasurer and/or Board Chairperson and at least one Finance Committee member.  Participants are bound by their honor to maintain privacy of information. Note:  Information received by administrators of Tuition Assistance will be confidential and where possible, all communications from committee to others (i.e. Board, Finance Committee) will be minimal.  (The committee should report to the Board each year the total amount of assistance offered and the number of families this involves.)

  1. Meetings for tuition assistance will be conducted with each applicant in an effort to determine the extent of each applicant’s needs.  The guidelines for Tuition Assistance will be utilized to assess the appropriate amount of assistance.  Upon agreement a contract will be signed by both parties (parent/school) and forwarded to Bookkeeper for audit/recordkeeping

  1. The committee is responsible for determining that all assistance promised will fall within the limits of the projected fund donations (based on previous years’).  If the committee wishes to extend assistance beyond the limits of the fund, they are responsible for raising the remainder through personal contact with individual donors or through notices in church bulletins and the school Journal.  If the committee is unwilling or unable to raise the extra monies required, then the assistance is to be granted on a pro rated basis.



For example, if the tuition has been set at $12,000, the minimum expected from the family would be $6000.  Post-dated cheques totaling this minimum requirement must accompany the application.


Tuition Assistance Application Form



City:         _______________________________________________Postal code:         

Phone Number: Home: ______________________Work: ________________ Cell:         

Marital Status: [  ]  Married           Single [  ]

  1. Number of Children: ___________________
  2. How much you are prepared to contribute: $         
  3. Do you support anyone financially besides your own immediate family?

       [  ] Yes      [  ] No       If yes, how much: $ _______________________per year.

  1. What is his/her relationship to you?         
  2. Why do you feel you require tuition assistance? Please explain below:         






  1. Realizing that this is temporary assistance, you are asked to pledge to the Tuition Assistance Fund after your children have graduated so that other families can also benefit from this fund.  Please check what you are willing to pledge:

                       [  ] $100        [  ] $200        [  ] $300        [  ] $400        [  ] $500

       For                 [  ] 3 years        [  ] 5 years        [  ] 10 years        [  ] 15 years         [  ] 20 years

  1. You are required to issue post-dated cheques for your share of annual tuition.
  2. You are required to meet with the Tuition Assistance Committee.
  3. Please attach your previous year’s ‘notice of assessment’ with this application.

I/We understand the above terms and agree to abide by them.  I/We certify that the attached financial information form is correct and complete.




For Committee Use Only

Total amount of assistance required: $         

Tuition Assistance recommendations:         

Tuition assistance action taken:         


Tuition Assistance Application Form

Financial Information

Enter Information – see guidelines on next page

Income before deductions for the year 20__.                        Expenses for the year 20__.

Salaries & Wages

        Father/Male Guardian                $ __________                Rent/Mortgage payments        $ _________

        Mother/Female Guardian                $ __________                Insurance: Life, Auto,

Dividends and/or Interest Income        $ __________                                Health, Home        $ __________

Alimony/Palimony received                $ __________                Auto Payments                        $ __________

Child Support received                        $ __________                Auto Gas & Maintenance        $ __________

Net income from business                $ __________                Property Taxes                        $ __________

                        Farm (notes 1-3)                                Utilities: Hydro, Gas

Net losses from business                $ __________                                Phone, Water        $ __________

                        Farm (notes 1-3)                                Food                                $ __________

Bonus, Gifts, Other                        $ __________                Clothing                                    $ __________

Family Allowance Benefits                $ __________                Education (tuitions)                $ __________

Disability/Unemployment Benefits        $ __________                Church/Charitable Donations        $ __________

Auto or other expense allowances        $ __________                Entertainment & Vacations        $ __________

Other non –taxable income                $ __________                Charge Card Payments                $ __________

Total income taxes paid                        ($ _________)                Debt Reduction                        $ __________

Total CPP & UIC paid                        ($ _________)                Miscellaneous                        $ __________

Other payroll deductions                            ($ _________)

Total Net Income                        $ __________                Total Expenses                        $ __________

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Year Purchased

Purchase Price

Present Market Value

Unpaid Mortgage Principal



Other Real Estate


Other Assets

Bank accounts – total of savings and chequing accounts $ _________________

        (including college or retirement accounts)

Other investments, net value                                $ _________________

        (Mutual funds, RRSP’s, RESP’s etc.)



Balance Owing

Monthly Payment

Auto Loans

Credit Cards

Personal Loans