11.06   Tuition Assistance Policy

Date of Review:  Apr 2018

Expiry Date:       Apr 2021

Accountability:  FC

  1. All applications for Tuition Assistance will be referred to the FAST Program.

  1. Use of the FAST system: Parents will need to submit all applications through the link to the FAST tuition assistance system (open the link in a new tab). Link is also on the ICS Wiki site. An application costs USD $43 per family, and applications must be done annually. FAST helps ICS be accountable for awarding financial aid where needed in support of our mission, and allows easy access for parents. If parents have any questions while completing the application process, please call 1-877-326-FAST (3278), the FAST twenty-four hour call center.

  1. Tuition Assistance meeting participants will include the Applicant, the Board Treasurer and/or Board Chairperson and at least one Finance Committee member.  Participants are bound by their honor to maintain privacy of information. Note:  Information received by administrators of Tuition Assistance will be confidential and where possible, all communications from committee to others (i.e. Board, Finance Committee) will be minimal.  (The committee should report to the Board each year the total amount of assistance offered and the number of families this involves.)

  1. Meetings for tuition assistance will be conducted with each applicant in an effort to assign tuition assistance. The guidelines for Tuition Assistance will be utilized to assess the appropriate amount of assistance.  Upon agreement a contract will be signed by both parties (parent/school) and forwarded to Bookkeeper for audit/recordkeeping

  1. The committee is responsible for determining that all assistance promised will fall within the limits of the projected fund donations (based on previous years’).  If the committee wishes to extend assistance beyond the limits of the fund, they are responsible for raising the remainder through personal contact with individual donors or through notices in church bulletins and the school Journal.  If the committee is unwilling or unable to raise the extra monies required, then the assistance is to be granted on a prorated basis.



11.07.02 - Tuition Assistance Application Form

Note: Form is for information only. All applications need to be submitted online.