OSM Foundation Management Team meeting

12th February 2013, 20:00 GMT



Present: Dermot (SWG), Harry (CWG), Matt (EWG), Michael (LWG), Henk (SotM, Chair)

Apologies: Mikel (SWG), Andy (OWG)

Agenda and Minutes

Minutes of previous meeting

January 15th 2013

Proposed: Matt

Seconded: Michael


What do we expect from Board

WG should make plans for the upcoming time. MT should collect them and present them as an action plan to the board including requested mandate and budget.  

Scope / Role of the WG

Goals / Direction for 2013

Rough Budget / Resources needed

Put together draft plan by March 10th, so we can discuss by it email over the week 10th-19th and finalise at the meeting on the 19th.

What do we expect from MT Chair

Discussed how we can recruit the Chairman. It can be one of the current MT members, but we also should look further.

Discussed whether the chairperson could also be a part-time paid job. This option is on the table, however there are some mixed feelings about this option.

Matt is updating the MT-document with the latest feedback.

We going to continue the discussion via e-mail with the focus on getting an action-plan how to recruit this person.

How do we structure our meetings

We like to make our meetings open. In case of sensitive issues, we can schedule closed meetings

Dermot will look for solutions for voice conference/group-online meetings. (Note: access in bandwidth-poor locations was considered important for the purposes of outreach & inclusiveness.)

The meeting can start with each WG-representative mentioning the highlights of what’s going on in his/her WG and where help/cooperation is needed.


LWG is now meeting every two weeks. It has made a document defining what it sees as its role. It will be submitted to the board shortly. The public link  is https://docs.google.com/document/d/1D3KwSM_BO7KkcbVADQVVn7eFwkD-RNauMwidhhlVPsI/pub

Next meeting

March 19th,  2013, 8pm GMT

Meeting End

Meeting ended at 21:15 GMT