Quickstart BYOD Guide:

10 Ways You Could Use BYOD @HHS Right Now



Level of Difficulty

1. Hold an online discussion or allow students to pose questions during a lesson or reading.

Today’s Meet - share via QR code or shortened URL bitly


2. Have your students check your daily agenda/goals/etc.

Your workflow tool of choice: website/wiki, Canvas, or Google Classroom


3. Use an online web whiteboard for student work, notes.



4. Students use their devices for research (Google is good but definitely not the only resource we want our students to use for research)

Research Zone 

HHS Media Center Resources Page


5. Take a brief survey or do a formative assessment.

Answer Garden


6. Create a formative assessment or just add notes to a video (it will keep track of scores, no student account needed, free and it can pull most videos from Youtube).


1-2 Create your own or use ready-made

7. Give your students an exit ticket quiz.

Google Forms via Google Drive (share link on website/workflow tool, QR code or shortened link)


8. Do a formative assessment or game with Kahoot - let’s face it, they are fun - even better, have the students create a Kahoot, share it with you and give it to the class at a later date

Kahoot (students go to Kahoot.it to play or create their own account on Get Kahoot to create)


9. Use flipped instruction or have students create flipped instruction videos as a project.  

Screen-cast-o-matic or Educreations (also free, more like a whiteboard, works great with app)


10. Interactive Powerpoints

Nearpod (also good as an app)