[Last Update: July 3, 2017 8:00AM]

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NOTE: For schools who already created account for the first rollout of the 2017 JHS and SHS INSET, they should use their registered username and password. For retrieval of username and resetting of passwords, please send an email to registration@fape.org.ph.

  1. The participants must bring the following:
  1. xerox copies of all of your proof of payments (BPI deposit slips -- VERY IMPORTANT); not image of the deposit slips in your mobile phones
  2. printed copies of the REGISTRATION CONFIRMATION SLIPS
  3. valid IDs

2.   Important: Please do not co-mingle your payments for different events. For example, you should NOT combine payments for Inset for JHS Teachers with your payments for Inset for SHS Teachers in a single deposit slip.

3. When you register, make sure that you select the venue assigned to your Region and/or Province

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