A sword is a weapon. Swordsmanship is a way to kill.I'm bad ass and I know it.The era and the mind of man are afflicated.Think with that stupid head of yours!

“Cherry blossoms in spring. Stars in summer. Full moon in autumn. Snow in winter. These are enough to make the sake taste good. If you don’t like it, there is something wrong in your heart.”

Name: Hiko Seijuro XIII

Age: 42

Weapons and Attacks: Shirasaya Nihontou, Hiten Mitsurugi

Love Interest: Okon?

Closest Friends: None, though he tolerates Kenshin and his friends.

Enemies: Juppongatana

First appearance: Kyoto Arc

Physical Appearance: A handsome giant. Long black hair and steely eyes. Always wears an ostentatious white cape to keep his muscles in top shape.

Biography: Little is known about Hiko Seijuro XIII's past except he studied Hiten Mitsurugi under Hiko Seijuro XII and slew him when he learned the succession technique. Years later, he slaughtered a group of bandits that were raiding a slave caravan. The only survivor was a small frightened boy with violet eyes and red hair. Hiko took the child as his apprentice. So the legend begins.

Personality Profile: About as arrogant as they come. He's a genius with swords, and it please ye! Always berates Kenshin and calls him an idiot, stupid, dummy, moron, etc. His arrogance and brash personality make him come off as a big jerk. Kenshin seems to be the only one who can stand to be around him for more than hour at a time, but everyone he meets respects him. Hiko is a recluse and lives in a hut in the mountains surrounding Kyoto where he drinks sake and makes pottery to sell.

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