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Earth’s Interior HW3                                                        

Tectonic Plates

1. Draw the ‘convergent plate boundary’ symbol from the earth science ref. tables

2. What ‘boundary’ type is between the North American Plate and the African Plate?

3. What is the latitude and longitude of the Tasman Hot Spot?

4. Name two pieces of evidence for plate tectonics

Earth’s Interior

5. At what depth does the interior temperature of Earth reach 5000 celsius?

6. How much pressure is there at the outer core-stiffer mantle boundary?

7. What is the density range of the inner core?

8. What is the density of the continental crust below New York?

9. What direction are the plates moving at the mid atlantic ridge? (possible answers: towards each other, away from each other, or next to each other)

10. How thick, in kilometers, is the Asthenosphere?

What happens to crust and mantle at a trench? Draw a diagram:

What happens at a divergent boundary? Draw a diagram: