General Wedding Layout                


NOTE: Weddings have, and can be done in any way! No specific order must be followed.

Needed specialty songs are bolded and underlined

  1. Guests are shown to their seats by the groomsman (Prelude: Pretty music or love songs typically played while people find their seats.)

  1. The ceremony begins with the groomsman escorting the bridesmaids down the aisle, followed by the flower/ring boy or girl.(one song for bridal party to walk to and another for the bride) OR the groomsmen, and bridesmaids can already be standing by the officiant before the ceremony begins. And the bride and her father walk down the aisle (Many variations can and have been done)

Bridal Party Entrance Song:

  1. Processional: Guests are asked to rise by the officiant, and the bride is escorted by her father down the aisle. (One song for processional)

Bride Processional (March) Song:

  1. Recessional: The bride and groom exit the ceremony, followed by groomsmen, bridesmaids, and the rest of the wedding party.  (One song needed, typically the song starts playing after officiant announces the couple man and wife - or the song starts playing right when the  newlyweds kiss)

Recessional Song (exit):

  1. Bridal party takes pictures while guest enjoy cocktail hour (Typically around an hour of music, Love songs, happy songs)

  1. Bridal party and newlyweds are introduced to the reception (or only the bride and groom are re-introduced)(one song for re-introducing)  [if the whole wedding group is to be introduced please provide a list of everyone in the correct order]

Reception entry song:

  1. Dinner/Speeches

  1. First dance, Father daughter dance, mother son dance, money dance, (other special dances) After the special dances is typically when the party and dancing begins.

First dance Song:

Father Daughter Dance:

Mother Son Dance (Mothers name:

  1. Cake cutting (one to two songs)

Cake cutting song:

  1. Wedding games/dances (If chosen to do so)

  1. Bouquet and garter toss (two songs)

Bouquet toss song:

Garter toss song:

  1. Grand exit (you can have all the guests  line up in two lines and have the newlyweds run out between them (one song)

Grand Exit Song (final song):

Other Ideas:

Couples dance (anniversary dance): Have all married guests come to the floor and dance with their significant other. Start calling people off the floor by saying “Those who have been married less than 24 hours please leave the dance floor” then move to a year, 2 years, and so forth. And then the couple who has been married the longests gives their best advice on how to keep a happy healthy marriage. (search anniversary dance on youtube to see examples)

Wedding Shoe Game:

The bride and groom take their shoes off, and give their love one of their shoes. Then they sit in chairs facing away from each other holding one shoe in each hand. The Mc asks questions such as “who is better at cooking? “ “who is better at driving?” the bride and groom raise their shoe to vote. Questions should be set by the bride and groom or bridal party before the event. The MC should be given a copy  (search wedding shoe game on youtube to see examples)