Google Apps - Compatibility & functionality across operating systems

Created by Erifili Davis

Google Docs ≈ Microsoft Word

Google Sheets ≈ Microsoft Excel

Google Slides ≈ Microsoft PowerPoint

Google Forms ≠ No Microsoft Office equivalent

Google Drawings  ≈ Microsoft Draw / Microsoft Publisher

Google Classroom ≠ No Microsoft Office equivalent

Google App

Chrome OS

Windows Desktop*

Mac OS*

Linux OS*



Windows Mobile/

Google Docs

Google Sheets

Google Slides

Google Forms

Google Drawings

Google Classroom

 Full functionality

 Limited functionality (some features not available)

 Very limited functionality, not recommended

 View only


* Requires current version of Google Chrome for optimal functionality

⁺ Requires installation of current version of compatible app (available free)

ˠ Unstable and limited functionality using Internet Explorer; not recommended