International Schools List

Any librarian in Singapore is welcome

to attend our meetings and join our organization.

Please contact 

if you know of a school to be added to the list.

ACS (International)

[IBO DP authorized]

Juliana Tan

Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)

[IBO DP authorized]

Jessie Tan

American Club


Australian International School Singapore

[IBO PYP/MYP/DP authorized]

Junior Grades K-2 - Jennifer Kennedy & Raquel Potaka

Primary Grades 3-5 - Yvonne Barrett

Middle Grades 5-9 - Meg Johnson

Secondary Grades 10-12 - Linda Twitchett

Avondale Grammar School

Canadian International School

[IBO PYP/MYP/DP authorized]

Lakeside - Early Childhood to Grade 3 - Melissa Cooper 

Lakeside - Grade 4 through 12 - Lisa Miller

Tanjong Katong - Early Childhood to Grade 8 - Nadine Bailey

Chatsworth International School, East Campus

[IBO PYP authorized]

Helen Robinson -

Chatsworth International School, Orchard Campus

[IBO DP authorized/PYP candidate school]

Elaine Fong

Chinese International School

Sheryl [IBO DP authorized]

Dulwich College Singapore

Secondary - Jane Hayes

Primary - Sarah Mounsey 

DUCKS - Pat Chandler 

Emaar International School

[IBO DP authorized]

Soraya Rosyanne Capitani

Eton House

[IBO PYP authorized]

Broadrick Road - Christina Simpson 

Orchard campus - pre-school - ???

GEMS World Academy (Singapore)

Librarian - Ryan Dempsey

German European School, Singapore

[IBO PYP/MYP/DP authorized]

Jo Krijnsen

Marina Kalkum

Ranita Smart

Library email

Global Indian International School

[IBO DP authorized]

Hwa Chong International School

[IBO DP authorized]

Karen Chin - Librarian

International Community School

Marjorie Kennedy -- Head Librarian

International School of Singapore

[IBO PYP/MYP/DP authorized]

Graham Grant - Head of Libraries

Richaval Leong - Library Officer High School

Susan Grant - Teacher-Librarian Elementary/Middle School

Siti Munirah - Library Officer Elementary/Middle School

Lycee Francais de Singapour
Sylvie Tche

Marlborough College (Malaysia)

Carolyn Hawkins
Alison Eatough 

Nexus International School

Librarian - Susan Macintosh 

Librarian - Mary Jane Santos

NPS International School

Ms. Rajashree Subramanian

Vijayalakshmi Raghavan

One World International School

Debika Chatterji

Overseas Family School

[IBO PYP/MYP/DP authorized]


High School

Middle School

Raffles Institution

Joanna Yu

SOTA (School of the Arts)

[IBO DP authorized]

Foo Soo Chin

Sekolah Global Indo-Asia, Batam, Indonesia

Lee M. Maguilang, Teacher Librarian

SJI International

[IBO DP authorized]

Secondary - Yvonne Krishnan 

Primary - Siti Nurhidayah Bte Ali 

Singapore American School

Elementary School - Alison Cuthbert

Elementary School - Rosa Shin-Gay

Elementary School - Kate Brundage

Middle School - Ron Starker

High School - Bob Helmer

Stamford American International School

[PYP/MYP/DP authorized school]

Kim Klein 

Jill Gammon

Swiss School Association

Tanglin Trust School

[IBO DP authorized]

Head of Secondary Library - Jacqueline Makselon

Head of Junior Library - Celeste Fisher 

Head of Infant Library School - Ben Farr 

United World College -- Dover

[IBO DP authorized]

Secondary Teacher-Librarian - Kurt Wittig 

Primary Teacher-Librarian & Head of Libraries - Pam Males 

College Librarian - Mathew Nagan

United World College -- East

[IBO DP authorized]

Primary Teacher-Librarian - Barb Reid 

Secondary Teacher-Librarian & Head of Libraries -  Katie Day

College Librarian - Susanne Clower


Jenna Emerson - Follett International