International Schools in Singapore and Johor

Any librarian in Singapore or Johor is welcome

to attend our meetings and join our organization.

Please contact 

if you know of a school to be added to the list.


Library Contacts

ACS International Singapore

Juliana Tan

Anglo-Chinese School

Jessie Tan

Australian International School

ELV - Raquel Potaka

Junior Grades K-2 - AJ Fairey

Primary Grades 3-5 - Linda Saad

Middle Grades 5-9 - Meg Johnson

Secondary Grades 10-12 - Linda Twitchett

Canadian International School - Lakeside

Lakeside - Early Childhood to Grade 3 - Melissa Cooper, Marjan Slaats

Lakeside - Grade 4 through 12 - Lisa Miller

Canadian International School - TK

Stojana Popovska

Chatsworth International School

Joyce Miller, Elaine Fong

Dimensions International College

Dover Court International School

DPS International School

Dulwich College

Secondary - Jane Hayes, Primary - Sarah Mounsey

DUCKS - Hannah O'Donnell

EtonHouse International School Broadrick

Christina Simpson

EtonHouse International School.

GEMS World Academy (Singapore)‎

Karen Melski


Jo Krijnsen

Marina Kalkum

Global Indian International School

Hillside World Academy

Hollandse School Singapore

Hwa Chong International School

Khairin Nadira

Insworld Institute

Integrated International School

International Community School

Invictus International School

ISS International School

Graham Grant - Head of Libraries

Richaval Leong - Library Officer High School

Susan Grant - Teacher-Librarian Elementary/Middle School

Siti Munirah - Library Officer Elementary/Middle School

Lycée Francais de Singapour

Sylvie Tche

Melbourne Specialist International School

Middleton International School

Nexus International School

Monica Picard - Teacher Librarian

Janice Chin - Library Assistant

NPS International School

Ms. Rajashree Subramanian

Vijayalakshmi Raghavan

One World International School

Susanne Clower

Overseas Family School

Susan Lussenhop - High School

Olivia Burford-Taylor - Elementary School

Clare Gilpin - Middle School

Raffles Institution

Joanna Yu

Rosemount International School

School of the Arts (SOTA)

Foo Soo Chin

SIM International Academy

Singapore American Club

Singapore American School

Elementary School - Alison Cuthbert

Elementary School - Mary Wheatley

Elementary School - Kate Brundage

Middle School - Ron Starker

High School - Bob Helmer

Singapore Korean International School

Sir Manasseh Meyer International School

St Francis Methodist School

St. Joseph's Institution International School

Secondary - Yvonne Krishnan

Primary - Siti Nurhidayah Bte Ali

Stamford American International School

Kim Klein

Julie Muir

Jill Gammon

Swiss School in Singapore

Tanglin Trust School

Head of Secondary Library - Kim Beeman

Head of Junior Library - Janine Murphy

Head of Infant Library School - Michael Kelly

The Explore School House

The Grange

The Winstedt School

United World College of South East Asia - Dover Campus

Secondary Teacher-Librarian - Kurt Wittig

Primary Teacher-Librarian & Head of Libraries - Pam Males

College Librarian - Mathew Nagan

United World College of South East Asia - East Campus

Head of Libraries & Primary Teacher-Librarian - Barb Reid

Secondary Teacher-Librarian - Sue Toms

Yuvabharathi International School

Singapore Japanese School

Austin Heights Private & International Schools (Johor Bahru)

Fairview International School (Johor Barhu)

Crescendo-HELP International School (Johor Bahru)

Sri Ara (Johor Bahru)

Sri Utama Schools (Johor Bahru)

Paragon Private and International School (Johor Bahru)

Tenby International School Setia Eco Gardens (Johor Bahru)

Starclub International Private School (Johor Bahru)

R.E.A.L International School (Johor Bahru)

Marlborough College Malaysia (Johor Bahru)

Carolyn Hawkins

Alison Eatough

Seri Omega Private & International School (Johor Bahru)

Raffles American School (Johor Bahru)

Shattuck St Marys (Johor Bahru)