UCA International Engagement

2016-2017 Calendar of Events

7th - 11th  International Education Week

International Education Week is a great opportunity to celebrate the rich diversity, culture, and education that international students from around the globe bring to UCA.

        16th - Lunch and Learn: “Understanding International Students”  

16th -18th Leaders of The World Conference 2016: The Future of Civil Society

Leaders of the World conference is a unique venue for leaders to meet and discuss  solutions to challenges facing their communities. Events are open to students, faculty, staff and the community at large.

1st - Visiting Student Farewell - Fall 2016

2nd - Lunch and Learn : “Proposing and Leading a UCA Study Abroad Program Lunch and Learn 

8th - International Graduation Reception-  Sash Ceremony - Fall 2016

9th - 12th - Confucius Institute Global Conference

6th - 7th - New International Student Arrival

8th - 9th - Friends of Fulbright Arrive

Friends of Fulbright is a U.S. Department of State supported program, sponsored by the Fulbright Commission Argentina and U.S. Embassy in Argentina. This program is designed to increase student mobility for outstanding junior and senior level university students majoring in economics, business, education and political science. This year, 28 Fulbright scholars are  participating in cultural activities on campus and in the community. Students also will observe classes in their field of study and earn  3-credits in coursework in  the UCA  Intensive English Program.

9th - 11th - International Student Orientation - Spring 2017

12th - Spring 2017 Classes Begin

21st - 22nd - Friends of Fulbright Memphis trip

27th - Chinese New Year Celebration

28th - Bear Facts Day: special Session for International Students

3rd - Friends of Fulbright Return from Memphis

3rd - Deadline to Submit Faculty led Study Abroad Abstracts  

2nd - International Recruitment Workshop with Coaches

6th - Optional  Practical Training Workshop

9th - Optional  Practical Training Workshop

                               11th - Confucius Institute Lantern Festival

2nd - Friends of Fulbright Farewell Dinner

3rd - Friends of Fulbright Departure

5th - Chinese Bridge - Language Proficiency Competition for High School and College Students

6th - Spring 2 classes

7th - Lunch and Learn: International Admissions: First Door to UCA        

Register here (UCA Faculty Only)

14th- Lunch and Learn: International Admissions: First Door to UCA

Register here (UCA Staff Only)

Scholarship Workshop (UCAIE Students)

16th - Study Abroad Opportunities in Shanghai. Presentation by Aaron Nooner.

Aaron, an economics major at UCA, just returned from a semester abroad in Shanghai at East China Normal University. He will be giving a presentation this Thursday about his experience and you are invited to attend.

20th - 24th - Spring Break

28th & 30th - Tax Workshops for international students

30th - Curricular Practical Training (CPT) Information Session

           215 Irby, 4:00 p.m.

7th - Arkansas State NAFSA Conference held at UCA

4th & 6th - Tax Workshops for international students

11th & 13th - Tax Workshops for international students
19th - Lunch and Learn: New Student Orientation: Helping our New UCA Students Adjust

23rd - Chinese Bridge - Language Proficiency Competition for High School and College Students Finalists in Dallas

27th - Visiting Student Farewell - Spring 2017

TBD  Publishing of 2018 Study Abroad Summer Programs

4th - International Student Sash Ceremony - Spring 2017,

        Board of Trustees Room, Wingo Hall, 5:00 p.m.

6th - UCA Commencement

31st - New International Student Arrival - Summer 2017

TBD - Confucius Institute Dragon Boat Festival

1st - 2nd -  International Student Orientation - Summer 2017

3-21st - Culture and Language Immersion Camp (High School)

5th - Summer Classes Begin

TBD - Arkansas Educators' Seminar in China


        1st - 16th Cultural and Language Immersion High School Summer Camp

10th - Summer II Classes begin

15th - 31st Chinese Summer HIgh School Bridge Program in Shanghai, China

26th -  23rd Cultural and Language Immersion High School Summer Camp 2

TBD - Confucius Institute Chinese Summer College Bridge Program in Shanghai, China

12th - 13th - New International Student Arrival - Fall 2017

13th - 14th  International Student Check - In Day - Fall 2017

15th - 18th - International Student Orientation - Fall 2017

20th - 26th - Welcome Week

24th - Fall 2017 Classes begin

                11th - 16th - EAIE 2017 COnference Seville Spain at Seville, Spain

25th - Mid-Autumn Festival Gala

12th - New International Student Arrival- Fall II

16th Fall II Begins

13th - 17th - International Education Week - Fall 2017

 International Educational Week invites over 700 international students from over 70 countries at UCA and will give these students the opportunity to share dance, music, food, clothing, festivals, and information about their culture.

7th- Visiting Student Farewell - Fall 2017

9th - 12th - Confucius Institute Global Conference - (exact dates to be determined)

14th - International Student Sash Ceremony - Fall 2017

16th - UCA Commencement


Ongoing Shuttle Schedules: International Engagement coordinates shopping shuttles for international students throughout the year.  These shuttles alternate between Walmart, Kroger and the Asian Food Market twice a week.  Also, a Little Rock shopping shuttle is scheduled each month.