Public Punishment Guidelines

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Welcome to the Mineplex Public Punishment Guidelines! These are the rules that we have on the Mineplex server, and a brief description of what they are. Please be sure to check back frequently for document updates!

The Mineplex In-Game Java Edition, Bedrock Edition, and Discord rules are managed by our Rules Committee team (Feel free to message them with any questions or concerns):

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 RC Admin


RC Member


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Enforcement of the rules is decided by the individual staff member, and may vary case by case depending on context and intent. If you suspect a staff member is abusing their power or punishing incorrectly then please gather evidence and submit a support ticket at or contact their appropriate supervisor through the page (Trainee/Mod = Staff Management, Senior Mod = Team Admin).

Rules and punishments are subject to change at any time at the discretion of the Admin Team / Rules Committee. Playing on the server means that you acknowledge the rules and agree to abide by them to continue playing uninterrupted. Trying to circumvent/”loophole” the rules is not allowed, and any attempt to do so may be met with the punishment you attempted to loophole.

Punishment times are determined by the system (not staff members), and depending on previous offenses, the punishment time may increase. Generally the punishment time will automatically increase with every severity.

We have three additional systems of punishments that will result in your punishment reason ending in [SR], [FR], or [CCC].

      Chargeback | Unauthorized Purchases

As outlined in our Terms of Service document , “All sales are final, you may not buyback, stop, credit the server by any means necessary in order to receive your funds back that of which have been paid. And in doing so we reserve the right to disallow your continued play on the server/forums and not allow further funds to be added or taken away. We reserve the right to pursue any legal or collection action necessary to recover damages in the event of a forced charge-back.

For information on your Chargeback / Unauthorized Purchases ban, or for steps to see if you are able to reverse the ban please fill out a Support Ticket at:

      Account Security | Compromised Accounts

Account security is your responsibility, you should never share your account to anyone for any reason. If you choose to ignore this warning and share your account anyways, you accept all responsibility if your account gets punished for any reason including but not limited to Clans Blacklist, Network Bans, Compromised Account Bans, etc. Make sure to always have a strong and unique password for all of your accounts, and security questions that people cannot guess or find related to you anywhere on the internet..

The usage of accounts that you have not purchased yourself from is very likely to lead to your main account being marked as a compromised account and banned. Any alterative accounts purchased from other websites are compromised / stolen accounts, and we do not allow the usage of those on our Network, and you take responsibility if you are punished in connection to using them.

Recent Updates

*Within the last 6 or so months

Chat Offences

For all Severity 1 Chat Offences (unless otherwise specified), you will be verbally warned and assigned a paper warning together. If you already have a previous warning or mute in the past month from the time of punishment for the same offence, no warning is necessary and you will be muted. However, if there is no previous warning/mute in the past month, you are required to be warned before being muted.

For all Severity 2, 3, and 4 Chat Offences no warning is to be given. You will be instantly muted if you break a Severity 2+ Chat Offence.





Spamming or flooding the chat. Using excessive capital letters. Trying to enforce the rules on others in an annoyingly spammy way (including hackusation: accusing someone of hacking)

Report rule breakers at or through /report (report command is Java only)

Severity 1

Chat Trolling

Saying something that’s meant to confuse or mislead others.

Revealing the word that is currently being drawn in Draw My Thing via chat.

Severity 1


*Not Punishable in MPS

Revealing information to alive players while being dead.

Punishable within:




Survival Games

Wither Assault

Block Hunt

Cake Wars

Severity 1

Inappropriate Behaviour

Talking or joking about inappropriate subjects.

Severity 1


Rioting for / against a particular issue, decision, or other topics in a way that disturbs the general environment of the server (creating unnecessary drama).

Severity 1

*No warning

General Rudeness

Being rude to other players or arguing with other players (generally in a hostile manner). Respectful disagreement on topics of debate or discussion is generally allowed as long as it does not get heated.

Severity 1

Filter Bypass / Vulgarity

*Examples of words filtered here!

Using these words in public chat, /a, /bc, /msg, or anywhere else we allow chat is punishable as a bypass.

Malicious intent isn’t a requirement to be punished for this offence. Do not bypass any words for any reason, or you may be punished for doing so.

Finding a way to use non-severe words that are filtered, or that should be.


Some LGBQT+ words are filtered, we are not anti LGBQT+, however we have done this to:

1. Protect those people from harassment/abusive behavior, and 2. Prevent the discussion of sexuality within the server where the main audience is children, to protect them from malicious person(s).

Severity 1

Finding a way to use severe words that are filtered, or that should be.

Severity 2

General Harassment

Continued unwanted behavior towards someone after being told to stop.

Severity 2

Abusive Behavior

Being excessively rude / abusive towards another person. Including using race, etc to insult others.

Severity 2

Death Wishes

Wishing that someone dies / telling someone to die in real life.

Severity 3

Malicious Threats

(DDOS, Hacking, Death, etc.)

Making any type of serious threat towards someone.

Severity 3

*First Time

Severity 4

*After the first

Discrimination / Racism

Discriminating towards a group such as: religion, sex, sexuality, nationality, etc.

Severity 3

*First Time

Severity 4

*After the first

Revealing Personal Information

Giving out information that can identify someone in real life.

Severity 4


Advertising in a way where intent to do so is minimal. Can consist of(but not all examples of): 

  • Server recruitment by name
  • Twitch / Mixer streams that aren’t streaming Mineplex content

Severity 1

Advertising in a way where intent to do so is present. Can consist of(but not all examples of):

  • Being abusive towards Mineplex while recruiting by server name
  • Posting a server IP / URL / Discord Invite Link *(Not punishable in Party or /msg IF all players agree to being sent the invite)

Severity 3

Advertising in a way where intent to do so is excessive. Can consist of(but not all examples of):

  • Being abusive towards Mineplex while recruiting with an IP / URL
  • Spamming a server IP / URL

Severity 4

Unclarified Link

Links not approved, but not harmful. Includes links to social media.

Severity 1

Unapproved Link

A link is deemed unapproved or majorly inappropriate by Rules Committee or staff. These types of links are unapproved:

  • Link has inappropriate content such as pornography, drug related content, or other content not suitable for children.
  • It is a link that is on the unapproved list. (determined by the RC team as malicious/harmful websites, which are anything that can be considered illegal, etc.)
  • It is an approved link that has inappropriate content such as a nude image on imgur.
  • (In general) discussing any unapproved link, may still fall under this rule.

Severity 4

Scamming / Unapproved Transactions

Scamming: Trying to compromise an account, or make real life currency transactions with someone.

Unapproved Transaction: Trying to trade / sell / buy items with / from / for someone, that are NOT in the Mineplex Shop.

Severity 4

*You will be warned first for Unapproved Transactions if the staff member feels that there is no malicious intent.

Permanent Admin Issued Mute

This is a punishment that the admin team will consider for ongoing extreme cases of toxicity / multiple punishments in game.

Usually the punishment reason will be  “Community Disruption”.

Severity 4

Gameplay Offences

For all Severity 1 Gameplay Offences (unless otherwise specified), staff will use judgement on whether or not you intended to break the rules. If it looks like you did not mean to/didn’t know about the rule then you will be issued a verbal and paper warning. If you have a previous warning or punishment for the same offence when they go to give you a paper warning, you will be banned for a Severity 1 Gameplay Offence instead. If it looks like you were intentionally trying to break the rules, you will be banned for a Severity 1 Gameplay Offence instantly, without warning.

For all Severity 4 Gameplay Offences no warning is to be given. You will be instantly banned if you break a Severity 4 Gameplay Offence.




Gameplay Trolling

*Not Punishable in MPS.

Purposely trying to frustrate or to ruin the game for others. Which can include but is not limited to:

Stalling games by intentionally not attacking players on opposite teams in order to prolong the game, etc.

Ruining the game for players by writing out the word or most of the word on the game board in Draw my Thing.

Spamming /f, /com, /party, or similar requests.

Ruining the game for players in Block Hunt by using
unintended means to find and directly travel to hiders. *subsequent punishments may result in a higher severity ban being applied

Preventing team-mates from succeeding in the game by hindering your team: Not killing an enemy in front of you intentionally, letting an enemy kill you without fighting back, etc.

Or Intentionally trying or succeeding in
 killing a team member of the team that you are on.

*A traitor knocking a runner off of the map or into a chaser in Death Tag would not count since this is the intended usage of the kit.

Severity 1

Inappropriate Gameplay

Drawing, Writing, Building, or otherwise creating inappropriate content, including naming cosmetics.

*Repeated instances may result in a permanent ban.

Severity 1

Severity 4

Map Exploiting

*Leniency in MPS - If you are testing something in a whitelisted/otherwise private MPS, you should never be punished. If it’s in a more public / general game and you are abusing these to be unfair to others during general gameplay, you may still be warned/punished.

Abusing the way the map was designed to give yourself an unfair advantage over other players.

*Normal parkour is never punishable. For example, using only normal sprinting, jumping, and double jumping. 

Severity 1

Bug Exploiting

*Leniency in MPS - If you are testing something in a whitelisted/otherwise private MPS, you should never be punished. If it’s in a more public / general game and you are abusing these to be unfair to others during general gameplay, you may still be warned/punished.

Intentionally abusing a bug or a glitch on the server or in a game that gives you an unfair advantage, or ruins gameplay for other players.

Severity 1

Teaming / Cross-Teaming

*Not Punishable in MPS


Forming a team with another player (or players) that may consist of: not fighting each other, working together, fighting people together, etc.

*Only punishable in “solo” game modes.


Creating a team in a game that has more than 2 teams, at any time.

Examples: Cake Wars, Bridges, Micro Battles, etc.

Severity 1

Targeting Youtubers / Streamers

*Punishable by Content Creator Council members only

Intentionally targeting Youtubers or Streamers to kill them repeatedly or ruin their game.

Severity 1

*No Warning

Bypassing Ban / Mute

Using an alternate account to bypass a mute/ban by arguing against the punishment.

Severity 1

Stat Boosting

*Punishable by RC members only

Boosting account stats including exp, gems, shards, etc through unfair or unintended means.

Including but not limited to:
Tying games

Anti AFK

Utilizing Alternate Accounts

Account Stat Wipe for the last month
*Case by case

And a ban that is either:

Severity 1

*Custom Length, First Time

Severity 4

*After the first


Using any form of automated programs / scripts on one or more account(s).

Severity 4

Inappropriate Username / Skin / Cape / Cosmetics

*Names punishable by RC members only
**[JAVA] Includes using the skin changer to use inappropriate skins as Immortal

***[BEDROCK] Includes using skins with 4D/Unintended Geometry

A username containing any of the following, including but not limiting to;

Filter Bypass,
Racism, Drug use, etc.

*Not all filtered words make a name inappropriate and not all inappropriate names are filtered.

A player skin, cape, or any other cosmetics from mods containing any of the following, including but not limited to;

Sexual Content,
Terrorism(Osama Bin Laden), etc.

Severity 4

Compromised Account / Bot Spam

When your account is compromised to be used to spam the server or other malicious activity, we permanently ban it to prevent a stacking of other unneeded punishments. Check out this thread to keep your account secure, and before appealing.

Severity 4

       Anti-Cheat Punishments [GWEN]

The Anti-Cheat [GWEN] will first ban you for a short period of time (5 days), and the punishment time will increase on later offences.

Hitting the Anti-Cheat entity intentionally will get you punished and does not count as a false punishment. Don’t exploit bugs.
Drag clicking, butterfly clicking, double clicking, or any other methods of clicking that may allow you to click faster than normal are use at your own risk. If you are banned by GWEN or a Quality Assurance member for this, it is not a false ban.

You can appeal GWEN bans you believe to be incorrect or unwarranted, or would like a second chance for at

Client Offences

*That are issued by Staff members.

For all Hacking Offences, regardless of severity, no warning is to be given.

If you notice a Self-Report of someone using Unapproved Mods or Clients, you are free to create a report providing the evidence of the Self-Report and the place it is originally located in your report.




Unapproved Mods

*[BEDROCK] There is a process where you can join Java servers on a Bedrock client, this is an unapproved mod as it changes the way that the client is supposed to behave, you will be banned if you use this.

Using a mod that is unapproved for use on Mineplex, or any Macro that affects gameplay.

The full list of approved mods can be found at the bottom of this document! All mods not on the list are automatically unapproved unless they don’t alter gameplay, however they are use at your own risk.

*If you have a question about whether or not a mod that’s not listed is allowed, message a RC member!

Severity 1

General Hacking

Using any form of general (Non Movement related) hacks.

Severity 2

Movement Hacking

Using any form of hacks that are related to movement which can completely ruin gameplay.

Bedrock Only: Using spawned in items that hurt other player’s experience. (OP weapons, etc)

Severity 3

Network Ban

For Network Ban-worthy rule breaking specifically no warning is given and you are instantly permanently banned from all platforms. In most cases however there will be precedents of things you’ve done before that will eventually add up and result in your punishment.




Network Ban

Forceful removal from the network (In-game, Discord, Forums, etc) due to heavy toxicity / malicious IP activity, or other reasons decided by the Admin+ team.

Severity 4

*You will be instantly banned from all platforms without warning.

Approved Client Mods

*Please remember that use of mods not on this list may result in a punishment.

If, somehow, any of these mods can be used maliciously (which is typically not the case, and may result from something such as an update to the mod which has not been reviewed by RC) their use for these purposes is not considered approved. Any mod not listed but that does not have an unfair advantage are generally fine to use, however they are always use at your own risk.