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Central Valley High School

This is a web site for CVHS Physics. It is designed to be user-friendly for students who wish to access their homework, notes, class syllabus, etc., through their smartphone or chromebook. You should SAVE this link to your favorite cellphone browser for easy reference throughout the school year. (NOTE: Even with this page, not ALL smartphones can easily access Google Drive. Please contact Google for help with that.)

Mr. Colby’s class syllabus

Mr. Pedron’s class syllabus

Unit 1 – Sound Waves  (get U1 notes here)

        1A – Velocity  (was due Tue, Aug 30)

        1B – Periodic Motion (was due Tue, Sep 13)

        1C – Properties of Waves (was due Fri, Sep 30)

        1D - Sound (was due Thu, Oct 20)

Unit 2 – Light Waves  (get U2 notes here)

        2A – Wave Theory of Light (was due Fri, Nov 18)

        2B – Particle Theory of Light  (was due Thu, Dec 8)

Unit 3 – Astronomy (get U3 notes here)

        3A – Big Bang Theory   (was due Thu, Jan 19)

        3B – Stars  (was due Tue, Feb 7)

Unit 4 – Changing Velocity (get U4 notes here)

        4A Acceleration  (was due Tue, Mar 21)

4B – Force   (was due Wed, Apr 26)

4C – Momentum   ⇐ Due Next (Fri,  May 12)

Unit 5 – Field Forces (get U5 notes here)

        5A Gravity  (not due anytime soon)

5B – Electricity   (not due anytime soon)

        5C – Magnetism   (not due anytime soon)

Unit 6 - Conservation of Energy

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