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‭Sunday Feb 24 2013

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Saturday quiet, cleaned the shack

Working on plans for my basement studio.

Canadian International DX Club

asking you to consider renewing your membership for one year (or more) to commence March 1, 2013.  We are maintaining the annual dues at $10 Canadian or U.S. funds.  In addition though we are offering a special 3-year membership renewal for the special price of $25, Canadian or U.S., a saving of $5 on a 3-year membership

Pay by paypal, or in person at the SWL Winterfest or the 2013 spring hamfest/fleamarkets in Quebec


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Pirates in the news

FCC Watch

Starting off with the Forfeiture Orders:

Notice of Apparent Liability

 Forfeiture Order,

News Items

From the Blogosphere:



‭ Pirate Shortwave

Andrew Yoder mentions that he received an e-mail back from Graham Barclay of KIWI Radio for a follow up for Andys upcoming 2012 Pirate Radio Annual. KIWI Radio was *really* excited about a relay of KIWI that occurred last year and asked Andy to send word around that he would like to have his programs relayed in North America again. KIWI was an AM/FM/SW pirate from New Zealand that was relayed here in the '80s & '90s. For those of you who weren't listening in the mid-'90s, he later got an SSB transmitter & was regularly audible across Europe and North America, relaying dozens of pirates. KIWI was probably heard by more people than any other SW pirate of the past 25 years. Very cool to see that he's alive & well (and still interested). His e-mail is kiwiradio /at/

Pat Murphy  posts that "A giant sunspot that is at least six times the diameter of Earth has formed on the Sun in less than 48 hours, Nasa has announced."

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HF Underground

hsmith61  Has anyone used this software- Tunatic music identification software  DimBulb notes that he used Tunatic for a while but later switched to Shazam which is better at ID'ing tunes buried in noise - it also seems to have a more extensive database.  If you already have your radio's audio connected to a line input on your sound card give it a try.

Echo_One  was wondering if anybody would relay a show of his for me in the NAM region. Not having my own equipment means that i have to ask. I'm willing to pay a small charge like WBCQ does, but their prices are a little too much for me atm.

‭Alt Radio Pirate

‭FROM The...... Free Radio Weekly #890, Saturday, February 23, 2013

Covering free radio activity from February 16 to February 22, 2013

Stations heard on air this week include stations of:

Blue Ocean Radio


Radio Gaga

Radio Morania

Rave On Radio

Renegade Radio

Voice Of The American Indian

Voice of Captain Morgan

Voice of KAOS

Voice of the Planet Zulu


Wolverine Radio


‭Stations sending out QSL's this week are the stations of:

WEAK Radio

Voice of KAOS

Frederic Chopin Radio QSL 

WGWR-Global Warming Radio 

Rave On Radio “Steel Rails” 


Wall of Sound  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

‭on air now?

Warn on F bombs.     Check the drop!

Off Air Recordings‭   (no need to notify me, I’ll see the new upload)

Be sure to have the freq/date in the title or the ID3 tags, there’s also a shoutbox on the page, and don't forget to say who uploaded the clips, I’d like to give you credit.

From The SWLing Post  Thomas Witherspoon listening in western North Carolina with his delta loop fed WinRadio Excalibur caught Wolverine Radio February 17, 2013 around 2:40 UTC. Wolverine was broadcasting on 6.925 MHz in the upper side band. Typical of Wolverine, lots of music variety which spans the decades, and no commentary other than station ID throughout.

 Sealord down in Florida using a Ten Tec RX-340 with a 4 Sq. Antenna


Radio Morania 6925 AM 22:38-23:36  2/17/13 SIO 454

“This is Radio Morania calling” faux state broadcast from the external service of the free republic of Morania. weather reports, musical selections, Spaghetti harvest report, Moranian mailbag.  A very well produced program.  A second show followed at 23:06 (RD)

Rave On Radio 6925 usb 23:04-23:43    2//22/13 SIO 353

played the Beatles Let it Be Album in its entirety. “Naked” without Phil Spector's influence per RoR op. Shout outs to DXers logging the show. some occasional QRM from freeband hams. (RD)

Pete, St. Louis Mo.  Butternut HF2V vertical antenna fed Kenwood TS-2000 48 seconds, clip of the Big Q on 1710 KHz that I recorded 2/24/13 morning at 09:24 utc. I have always been able to detect a carrier, but this is the first time I have received any decent audio.

European Music Radio   2/17/13 6005kHz  09:00 utc  EMR

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‭Other Radio News:

Keith Peron  

Media Network  PCJ Media- SWL Winterfest

This is just a portion of a much longer show, tou can check it out at  Also on

Media Network Plus on air at the following times:




What did we learn this week?

Boat Anchor Sweep

Worst Pirate

96‭ ‬bit,‭ ‬41000,‭ ‬40bit‭ ‬41000 ‭MONO



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Low bit rate file can be downloaded on the FTP 27MB

Broadcast versions no longer available, ya get what ya get.


Checkout the Canadian International DX Club

No pirates in the news this week.

‭Select postings from the Free Radio Network, HF Underground and note stations logged per the Free Radio Weekly. You may want to check out Shazam for music indentification.

Off Air Recordings include the stations of: Blue Ocean Radio, Radio Morania, Rave On Radio, the Big Q, European Music Radio.  

Keith Peron from PCJ Media talks about last years SWL Winterfest.

Big shout out to WGXC for airing the PiratesWeek.

‭Background music from the Podsafe Music Network.

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Free 103.9 newsroom


 Glen Hausers World of Radio.

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