• ask questions that will develop an understanding of Matter
  • make relevant predictions, supported by reason
  • develop objective observation skills

Group Names:

Name of Experiment

Making Ice Cream in a Bag


Purpose of Experiment

Compare and contrast two changes through which matter undergoes


Variables -  ice with salt/ice without salt

Compare the ice to the salt with ice.  Which ice is colder?

IMG_0175.jpgThe ice with salt was colder.

How does ice cream made in a bag salt compare with ice cream made with rock salt? Can you explain your results?

The bag that had rock salt made the ice cream solid but the one with no salt made the ice cream all soupy because it did not work properly.IMG_0174.jpg


What do the ingredients look like at the beginning?

They were a creamy liquid.

What do the ingredients look like after 5 minutes?

They became squishy, thicker and mushy.

What about the ice cubes—how do they change over time and how do they look by the end?

The ice cubes melted and by the the end the ice cubes had become salt water.

What do the ingredients look like after 10 minutes?

It became solid in the rock salt one and the one with no rock salt still was smoshy.


What is happening to the particles as the milk cools and the ice melts?

 The particles in the milk were squishing together and became a solid 

The particles in the ice were separating and starting to move around.

How do the ingredients change during this process?

The milk ingredients became solid.

 Was this a chemical or a physical change?

Physical change and a chemical change when we added the salt to the ice.

Did it turn into ice cream?   Why do you think you got the results you did?

Yes. We think we got the results because we listened carefully.

Complete the following phrases:

I learned that ice cream tastes better with rock saltIMG_0203.jpg


One thing I didn’t expect was when it became all salter ice cream.

I didn’t understand why we had to use rock salt

I wonder if we could make it more often!IMG_0197.jpg