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Short description of the Danish law-proposal regarding implementation of the TPD

Denmark has just started a hearing on a new law-proposal (+), implementing the TPD in about as draconian a way as possible, hearing runs until the 20th of March, and then there will be 3 rounds of negotiations amongst politicians, and is supposed to be implemented in November. So far it seems as if there is general goodwill towards the proposal, probably because of the 18 year rule alone. The general misconception is that it is a good law, because it will make nicotine containing products legal in Denmark as tobacco-products, as opposed to the current situation where nicotine containing liquids are illegal (but sold anyways).

Some of the proposals:

Smokefree laws in Denmark means: no smoking in bars (except very small facilities), work facilities, offices, public offices, taxis, schools, clubs (private or public), work-vehicles that are used by more than one person, ships and offshore-platforms. Basically everywhere that is indoors, with the exception of private homes and smoking rooms/cabinets. Outside smoking is still legal, except for areas surrounding education environments such as schools, but can be changed by local rules/guidelines. The Danish smoke-free law is more or less a direct implementation of the FCTC recommendations.

Please note that companies are not allowed to circumvent the smoke-free laws in these policies, they can only make stricter interpretations, such as disallowing smoking on company grounds which is not uncommon. For instance it is not allowed to smoke currently in most amusement parks except in designated areas. And many government employees have been banned from smoking anywhere, including in private areas or outside between workplaces, during work-hours.

As far as we can tell - this would entail that almost 100% of all equipment currently on the market becomes illegal. The interpretation of the TPD that non-liquid filled tanks aren’t covered is thus ignored, and tanks will fall under the law no matter if they are sold with or without liquid. Notice the “might” part, which means that it does not matter if you sell for non-nicotine based usage.

So as the law stands all e-cig hardware will be illegal for 6 months after the law goes into effect, since no products are registered, and registration must be 6 months before sale.

For e-liquids this means that each variant will have to be registered individually (ie. if you have a 60:40 pg/vg, 40:60, and 100% vg variant - then they each have to be registered, as well as for each nicotine variant, and each flavour variant).

For more information we are available to be contacted, both via email, and telephone, and we can be convinced to do skype meetings as well :)

Contact information:

Danish Vapers Association - Dansk e-Damper Forening (DADAFO)

Kim Dabelstein Petersen - Chairman


telephone(dadafo): +45 30457516, telephone (private): +45 75 831550


Peter Stigaard - Treasurer


Skype: live:peter.stigaard

(+) The portal for the lawproposal in Danish only:

     (the law itself, is linked at the bottom as “lovforslag”)

(*) Sikkerhedsstyrelsen