Search Agent Instructions for NACELink (DonsCareers)

Click here to get to DonsCareers!

  1. Move mouse over “jobs and internships” tab: click “DonsCareers Jobs”

  1. Click on “Advanced Search”

  1. Under “Advanced Search Options”, select “Save As” and give the Search Agent a title.  (Ex: Marketing Jobs, Psychology Internships, etc.)

  1. Set up search criteria; you can make the search as specific or as broad as you like.  Keep in mind that overly narrowing criteria may prevent relevant position from appearing.  It is advisable to set up multiple searches for similar positions: Ex, set up one search based on “Major”, one based on “Job Function”, one based on “Industry”.

  1. Hit Submit.  Jobs fitting the search criteria will appear.

  1. Click on Search Agent tab at the top of the page.

  1. Find the Saved Search Name you just ran.  Click on “Schedule”

  1. Under “Enabled” select “Yes”;  new criteria fields will appear.

  1. Schedule the Search Agent on the basis you wish it to run.  Recommendation is to set to run once a day.  “Include Only New Results” is “Yes”

  1. Click “Submit”; you will be returned to the Search Agents page where you should see the Schedule and Next Scheduled Run for this search.