Diego Bonilla, M.S., Ph.D.

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Languages, Computer Skills, and Current Research Interests

Languages: Complete fluency in Spanish and English.

Programming and authoring skills: Lingo for Adobe Director. Production experience in hypermedia development, 3D modeling, and traditional digital media (video, audio, and photography).

Research Interests: Hypermedia Storytelling, Metaliteracy and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Literacy for Higher Education, Open Education Resources,  Computer-Mediated Communication, Data Tracking, Online Learning, Immersive Virtual Environments, Robotics

Contact Information

Mendocino Hall 5011

California State University, Sacramento

6000 J Street

Sacramento, CA 95819

Email addresses: bonilla.diego@gmail.com, diego@csus.edu 

Websites: https://hypermedia.online, https://modular.film, https://bioelectricdot.net 


Ph.D. in Mass Communications   (Doctoral Prize)                                                               1998 - 2003

S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications, Syracuse University ■ Syracuse, NY

Dissertation: The Medium is the Measure of Itself. Using tracking data for deductive and inductive analysis of the users of an interactive experience and their behavior.

M.S. in Media Management                                                                       1996- 1998

Joint Degree (School of Public Communication and Whitman School of Management, Syracuse University)

B.A. in Business Administration                                                                           1989- 1995

Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM) Mexico City, Mexico                  

 Summer 1991: University of California, Los Angeles  Los Angeles, CA

1993-1994: Simon Fraser University British Columbia, Canada

Work Experience

Chancellor’s Office - California State University  ■ Long Beach, CA

Developer of curriculum, ICT Literacy Initiatives                                                  2014 - 2016

▶ Create and implement ICT literacy courses for students for system-wide delivery.

▶ Preparing ICT literacy professional development courses for system-wide delivery.

▶ Developing a collection of multimedia tutorials for students and instructors.

▶ Collaborate with Academic Affairs projects that require technology readiness, resources, and expertise.

California Open Education Resources Council - State of California  ■ Sacramento, CA

Council member                                                                             2014 - 2016

▶ Selected as a member by the Academic Senate of the California State University.

▶ Project funded by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, the Gates Foundation, and the State of California, following the passing of SB 1052, defining the council, and SB 1053, mandating the creation of the California Open Online Library.

▶ Selection of 50 target courses in the public postsecondary segments for the acquisition of open educational resources (OERs). Creation and administration of a review and approval process for open textbooks. Promotion of strategies for production, access, and use of OERs. Establishment of a competitive request for a proposal process to apply for funds to produce high quality, and affordable, OERs.

Communication Studies Department - California State University, Sacramento ■ Sacramento, CA

  Professor                                                                                 2011 - Present

  Digital Communication and Information Minor Coordinator                                     2011 - 2015

  Associate Professor                                                                                 2006 - 2011

  Assistant Professor                                                                             2001 - 2006

▶ Obtained Quality Matters certification for course COMS106 - Digital Media Creation, An Introduction. (2017) First course to obtain QM certification at CSUS.

▶ Obtained certificate Applying the Quality Matters Rubric (2015) Quality Matters is a quality assurance certification system for online courses.

Developed the Digital Communication and Information Minor (6 courses) for the instruction of ICT Literacy for Higher Education (2011)

 Graduate Course: Computer-Mediated Communications  (Developed and taught first course)

 Undergraduate Courses: Human Communication on the Internet, New Media and Society, Digital Media Creation, Information Management and Privacy, Online Collaboration, Advanced Multimedia Authoring, Communication and American Culture, International Communications and Project Planning and Management.

 Coordinator, CSUS Teaching Institute (2008 - 2009, 2014 - 2015): Implemented technology training institute for faculty with a specific focus on Hybrid/Online Classes, Universal Design, and Large Class Instruction. Duties include: Recruitment and selection of faculty members and mentors, hardware/software procurement, curriculum development and mentor training in learning styles and assistive technology.

 Faculty Mentor, Center for Teaching and Learning (2005 - 2007, 2010 - 2011, 2013):  Mentor faculty members on pedagogical solutions to improve their instructional efficacy and efficiency through the implementation of Information and Communication Technologies.

Instituto de Investigaciones Filológicas, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México ■ Mexico City, Mexico

   Profesor                                                                                 2012

 Graduate Course in Spanish: Escritura Creativa en Hipermedios (Creative writing in Hypermedia). Synchronous online course with biweekly meetings taught from California to students in Mexico City.

World Agroforestry Centre ■ Nairobi, Kenya

   Consultant                                                                                           2009 - 2011

 Developing the Computer-Mediated Communication strategy and methods for virtual communications among scientists of the Amazon basin countries; coordinating Amazonian Dialogues events online with the participation of scholars and NGOs; producing interactive videos for training researchers in the use of STATA; making recommendations about the design and implementation of a Geographic Information System; and coordinating synchronous online training sessions in grant-writing for researchers of the Amazon.  Iniciativa Amazónica Wiki.

 Provide capacity building support to the World Agroforestry Centre staff and advisors to improve the organizations ability to facilitate researchers collaboration across multiple countries.

S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications - Syracuse University ■ Syracuse, NY

  Adjunct Professor                                                                        August 1999 - May 2001

 Undergraduate-Graduate Course: Communicating with Computers

 Undergraduate Course: Critical Issues in Visual Media

El Nacional Newspaper ■ Mexico City, Mexico

  Weekly Columnist/Information Technology Analyst                                 October 1996 - June 1997

 Produced weekly column focusing on the Internet and society.

 Consultant for the deployment of El Nacional's online presence.

Hypergraphia ■ Mexico City, Mexico

  Owner and Director                                                           January 1995 - August 1996

 Created third Internet-related company in Mexico.  (See historical sites here: 1996, 1997, 1998)

 Provided Internet services, including website design, consulting, planning, and deployment.

Pendulo Magazine ■ Mexico City, Mexico      

  Founder/Editor                                                                  March 1992 - August 1996

 Managed all editorial and financial functions for Mexicos first online literary magazine, including the magazines transition from paper to digital format.

Regularizacion y Actualizacion Academica School ■ Mexico City, Mexico

  Owner and Director                                                             October 1989 - November 1991

 Developed and managed tutoring company that provided 1-1 assistance to students ranging in ages from 12-18.  Duties included: teacher and student recruitment, bookkeeping and individual tutoring.

 Tutored students in mathematics (calculus and below), statistics and physics.

Research, Scholarly and Artistic Activities


▶ Bonilla, D. & Mata, R. (2020). Tablada Hipertextual. Edición Electrónica de la Poesía Reunida de José Juan Tablada. Mexico City, Mexico: Instituto de Investigaciones Filológicas, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. Author of the prologue “Sobre la importancia del pensamiento computacional y la literatura” (About the importance of computational thinking and literature).

 Bonilla, D. (2008) Making Sense of Tracking Data: Connecting Interactive Storytelling, Computer Use and Cognitive Processing. Saarbrücken, Germany: VDM Verlag Dr. Muller e.K.

 Bonilla, D. & Del Toro, J.J. (1996) Mercadotecnia e Imagen en Internet. (Marketing on the Internet.) Mexico City, Mexico: Editorial Iberoamerica.

 Bonilla, D. (1992) El Anfiteatro de la Memoria. (Amphitheater of the Memory.) Mexico City, Mexico: Editorial Praxis.

New Media

▶ Bonilla, D., & Galán Fajardo, H. (2020). El cine sin encuadre: propuesta de Escala de Implicación Narrativa en realidad virtual. Anuario Electrónico de Estudios en Comunicación Social “Disertaciones”

▶ Bonilla, D. (2020). Prólogo: Retos para la creación (y la investigación) de narrativas complejas. In Narrativas Complexas. Portugal: Editorial Ría.

▶ Bonilla, D. & Mata, R. (2019). Big Data. A generative video poem. Mexico City, MX - Sacramento, CA  

  ▸ Exhibitions, Festivals and Presentations (* Selected but event postponed or cancelled due to COVID19)

    ▸ CSUS Arts and Letters Faculty Exhibition, Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento, USA (Oct-Nov 2019)

    ▸ Feria Internacional del Libro del Estado de México, Toluca, México (2019)

    ▸ Centre de Recherches Interdisciplinaires sur les Mondes Ibériques Contemporains, Sorbonne Université, Paris, France (2019)

    ▸ Newlyn PZ International Film Festival 2020, Penzanse, United Kingdom (March 2020)

    ▸ ARTS and Sustainable Development Goals Online Festival, Brooklyn, USA (April 2020)

    ▸ Cadence Video Poetry Festival, Seattle, USA (April 2020)

    ▸ Web Biennal Apeiron, Istanbul Contemporary Art Museum, Istanbul, Turkey (May 2020)

    ▸ Hello World, Transcultural Exchange, Boston, USA (June 2020)

    ▸ Athens Digital Arts Festival, Athens, Greece (July-Sep, 2020)

    ▸ 4° Festival ECRÃ of Audiovisual Experimentations, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Aug, 2020)

    ▸ FILE Festival, Sao Paulo, Brazil (Aug, 2020) *

    ▸ The Banality of Evil in our Daily Lives, Berlin, Germany (Sep-Oct, 2020)

    ▸ 2020 Belfast Poetry Festival, Maine, USA (Oct 2020) *

    ▸ International Poetry Film Festival of Thuringia, Bauhaus University Weimar and the Literary Society Thuringia, Weimar, Germany (Oct, 2020)

    ▸ The FL3TCH3ER Exhibit, Socially and Politically Engaged Art, Reece Museum, East Tennessee State University, Tennessee, USA (Oct-Dec 2020)

    ▸ The 2020 Film and Video Poetry Symposium, Pasadena, USA (Oct-Dec 2020)

    ▸ Festival de Cortometraje Universitario, Universidad Vasco de Quiroga, Morelia, México (Nov, 2020)

    ▸ Festival Fotogenia, Posgrado de Arte y Diseño, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (Nov, 2020)

    ▸ Perceptions / Distortions Exhibition, Boston CyberArts (Boston, MA, 2021)

▶ Bonilla, D. (2018). La construcción y edición de cine narrativo a través de programación. 1o Congresso Internacional Media Ecology and Image Studies - Desafios para as narrativas imagéticas.

▶ Bonilla, D. (2018). Taller Internacional de Producción: Nuevas Narrativa y Nuevas Tecnologías. Universidad de Cuenca, Cuenca, Ecuador.

▶ Bonilla, D. (2018). La aptitud para encontrar patrones y la producción de cine suave, International Digital Humanities Conference 2018, Mexico City, Mexico.

▶ Bonilla, D. (2017). Del cine hipervínculo al cine suave, El futuro del cine y la televisión: Nuevas ventanas y narrativas, VI Festival de la Orquídea, Cuenca, Ecuador.

▶ Bonilla, D. (2017) Accidental Occurrence. A hypermedia modular movie. Syracuse, NY - Sacramento, CA (See Awards and Honors)

  ▸ Non-linear film that can be reconstructed in endless versions using 5 overall plot structures.

  ▸ Developed methodology and program for the automated editing of scenes using multiple cameras.

  ▸ Developed methodology for the shortening or lengthening of scenes (and film) based on critical content.

  ▸ Official selection of the following festivals:

    ▸ Pune Short Film Festival (India, 2017)

    ▸ Salón Internacional de la Luz (Colombia, 2017)

    ▸ CICA Experimental film & Video Exhibition (South Korea, 2017)

    ▸ London Greek Film Festival (England, 2017)

    ▸ NCCC Film Festival (USA, 2017)

    ▸ Aukland International Film Festival (New Zealand, 2017)

    ▸ Digital Big Screen (Slovenia, 2017)

    ▸ Golden Bridge (Russia, 2017)

▶ Bonilla, D. & Del Toro, J.J. (Submitted to competition) Liber Rotavi. Variaciones de la Creación. Hypermedia project that presents the writings of a poet in different ways at different times of the day, representing different mental states of the writer.

▶ Bonilla, D. (2016) Cine Interactivo. Festival Internacional Audiovisual. Universidad de la Sabana, Cundinamarca, Colombia.

▶ Bonilla, D. (2012) Nuevos medios, nuevas narrativas. Semana de la Comunicación, 40 Aniversario de la Facultad de Comunicación. Universidad de la Sabana, Cundinamarca, Colombia.

▶ Bonilla, D. (2012) Más allá del hipertexto: Creación y presentación de textos variables. Segundo Simposio Internacional del Libro Electrónico en Español, Consejo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes. Mexico City, México.

▶ Bonilla, D. (2012) Translating new media theories into practical advice. American Medical Writers Association, Sacramento. CA

▶ Bonilla, D. (2012) Stopper. Presented 15 minute version of modular film for UNite, SacState Faculty Arts Showcase, Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento, CA

▶ Bonilla, D. (2012) El nuevo prestidigitador. Article and video production. Revista Digital Universitaria, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, México.

▶ Bonilla, D. (2011) El nuevo prestidigitador. Estrategias nativas para la creación en hipermedios: (Keynote presentation) II Encuentro Internacional de Publicaciones Digitales Culturales. Instituto de Investigaciones Filológicas, UNAM, Mexico.

▶ Bonilla, D. (2011) Stopper. Conceptualizing story as media database. Presentation. Foundation for Art and Creative Technology, Liverpool, United Kingdom.

▶ Bonilla, D. (2011) Production factors and algorithmic methods for the construction of combinatorial cinematic narratives: International Conference on Latin American Cybercultural Studies. Exploring New Paradigms and Analytical Approaches, University of Liverpool, United Kingdom.

▶ Bonilla, D.  & Porto Renó, D. (2009) Cinema Interactivo: Estudios Para Una Posible Propuesta (Interactive Cinema: Inquiries into the Potential)  Part I & Part II Barcelona, Spain: Guión Actualidad, Universidad Autónoma De Barcelona  

▶ Bonilla, D. (2007) Dense Space: An Immersive Virtual Experience in Photographic Quality. Patent Application. Designed method and apparatus (robot) to capture and present dense photographic immersive virtual environments called “Dense Spaces”.  The resulting media allows users to experience other places in photorealistic quality as if they were actually there.

▶ Bonilla, D. (2005) The structure as narrative. The use of statistical algorithms for the control of non-linear hypermedia narratives: V Bienal Iberoamericana de la Comunicación, Tecnológico de Monterrey, Campus Estado de Mexico. México.

▶ Bonilla, D. et al. (2004)  Jose Juan Tablada Poesia Densa (Jose Juan Tablada Dense Poetry) Mexico City, Mexico: Instituto de Investigaciones Filológicas y Publicaciones Digitales, DGSCA, UNAM

  ▸ Developed a reading system in which all of the words in a large volume of text are hyperlinked to themselves so the reader can discover an author's use of language.

▶ Bonilla, D. (2003) A Space of time. Sacramento, CA: Hypergraphia, LLC (See Awards and Honors)

  ▸ Non-linear multimedia movie composed of 700 videos, 180 virtual reality panoramas, 105 audio fragments and 18 Flash animations.  Users are able to view two versions of the story:

  ▸ Stream of Consciousness: Statistical formulas control the chronological placement of each segment creating a different story each time the movie is played.

  ▸ Limbo: By participating in an immersive multimedia (photographic quality) experience, users are able to navigate the story’s virtual environment and choose to view individual segments.

  ▸ Official selection of the following festivals:

    ▸ VideoBrasil International Electronic Art Festival (Brazil, 2005)

    ▸ European Media Arts Festival (Germany, 2004)

    ▸ Basics Festival (Austria, 2004)

    ▸ Media Arts Festival (Netherlands, 2004)

    ▸ Philadelphia Documentary and Fiction Festival (USA, 2004)

    ▸ Toronto Online Film Festival (Canada, 2004)

    ▸ New Forms Festival (Canada, 2004)

    ▸ Arte Digital: Poéticas y lenguajes (Cuba, 2004)

    ▸ Artronica (Columbia, 2004)

    ▸ Viper Basel (Switzerland, 2004)

▶ Bonilla, Diego (2003) Development of a tracking device for statistical inference using the General Linear Model and Time Series Analysis: New research for new media. Institute for New Media Studies. School of Journalism and Mass Communication, University of Minnesota. MN

▶ Bonilla, D. and Tronchin, F. (2003) Virtual Tour of Pompeii Pompeii, Italy.

  ▸ Captured 12,000 individual photos and programmed Photoshop and Quick Time VR Authoring Studio to create 581 panoramas of historical sites in Pompeii.

  ▸ Selected for inclusion in the exhibition A Day in Pompeii: Melbourne Museum, Melbourne, Australia (June 26, 2009 - October 31, 2009).

▶ Exhibition: Bonilla, D. & Clarke, R. Bio Electric Dot, University Union Gallery (2002): A collaborative computer art exhibition exploring the effects of new communication technology in human relationships.

▶ Bonilla, Diego (2002) Asymptote: A non-linear multimedia experience: The Dynamics of Convergent Media. College of Mass Communications & Information Studies, University of South Carolina. Columbia, SC

Online Learning and Pedagogy

▶ Bonilla, D. (2018) Capitalizing on networked-based synchronous activities. Quality Matters Mountain Regional Conference: Elevating Quality. Denver, USA.

▶ Bonilla, D. & Hanley, L. (2016) Atolls, Islands, and Archipelagos: The California OER Council and the New Landscape for Open Education in California. Open Praxis, 8 (2), 131 - 142.

▶ Bonilla, D. & Hanley, L. (2016) Atolls, Islands, and Archipelagos: The California OER Council and the New Landscape for Open Education in California. Open Education Global Conference. Krakow, Poland.

▶ Bonilla, D. (2016) California Open Educational Resources Council Research Findings. Video on Youtube.

▶ Bonilla, D. (2016) Produced COOL4ED Faculty Case Studies, California Open Educational Resources Council. Videos on YouTube.

▶ Bonilla, D. et al. (2016) Initiating Change: Faculty and Instructional Designers Speak Up. Textbook Affordability Conference. University of California, Davis.

▶ Bonilla, D. & Kennedy, L. (2015) Affordable Learning Solutions. CSU Course Redesign with Technology. California State University.

▶ Bonilla, D. & Harris, K. (2015) California Open Educational Council. Open Access Conference. San Jose State University, CA.

▶ Bonilla, D. (2015) Produced instructional modules entitled Screen Capturing Pedagogical Videos for the Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching (MERLOT). California State University.

▶ Bonilla, D. et al (2015) The California Open Educational Resources Council: From Curation to Adoption. Open Education Conference. Vancouver, CA.

 Bonilla, D. (2013) Curriculum for an Information and Communications Technology literacy program for higher education. 16th Annual CSU Teaching Symposium: Teaching for High Impact, The California Maritime Academy, California State University.

 Bonilla, D. (2013) Developing teaching strategies for real time online teaching environments. 16th Annual CSU Teaching Symposium, Teaching for High Impact, The California Maritime Academy, California State University.

 Stoner, M., Higgins, S. & Bonilla, D. (2012) Cracking our own codes: Creating instruction for increased clarity and appropriate control. International Journal of Learning, 18 (6), 228-247.

 Bonilla, D. (2008-2011) Digital Media Primer

  ▸ Created and constantly updated 25 class-length interactive multimedia lessons to teach students Digital Media Creation, An Introduction.  The lessons include the use of Creative Common licensed media repositories, the use of multimedia authoring open source and proprietary cross-platform software, and the use of collaborative management systems (Wikis) that fosters collaboration among students.

 Bonilla, D. (2006) Functional Director

  ▸ Created 22 class-length interactive multimedia lessons to teach students advanced multimedia authoring using Director MX 2004: Functional Director Showcase Video.

  ▸ Selected for an interview about the pedagogical uses of the e-learning lessons by the Center for Distributed Learning for the California State University System: Functional Director Interview Segments.

 Bonilla, D. (2002) LINGO by Osmosis  

  ▸ Created interactive multimedia tutorials that were used to facilitate learning in Communicating with Computers, S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications, Syracuse University

Included in Anthologies

 Consejo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes. (2000)  Generacion 2000. Literatura mexicana hacia el tercer milenio. Poesia-Narrative-Ensayo (Generation 2000. Mexican Literature towards the third millennium. Poetry-Narrative-Essay.) Mexico City, Mexico: Consejo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes.

 Editorial Praxis. (1994) En Concreto. (To the Point.) Mexico City, Mexico: Editorial Praxis

Subject of Conference Paper

▶ Perea, H. (2019) Las tramas de la trama en la reconstrucción del tiempo. El cine ilimitado de Diego Bonilla. (The plots of the plot in the reconstruction of time. Diego Bonilla's unlimited cinema.) Conferencia “Las formas plurales de la genericidad literaria”, Sorbonne Université. Paris, France.

▶ Gunia, I. (2008) La poesía multimedia de Diego Bonilla. (Diego Bonilla’s Multimedia Poetry) Sabine Hofman (Ed.) Más allá de la nación. Medios, espacios comunicativos y nuevas comunidades imaginadas. Berlin: edition tranvía / Verlag Walter Frey

Grants, Awards and Honors

Research and Academic

▶ Keynote Speaker (2016). Chicano Latino Recognition Ceremony. California State University, Sacramento.

 Pedagogy Enhancement Award (2010): Award recipient to develop a software solution to enhance the educational potential of podcastings by implementing interactive informational functionalities to the streaming media. California State University, Sacramento.

 American Council on Education Internationalization Collaborative Mini-Grant Award (2006): Recipient of American Council on Education grant to develop innovative learning projects using technology. The objective of the grant is to internationalize course curriculum, pedagogy and assessment of learning outcomes and accelerate the impact of internationalization.

 Ford Foundation McGannon Center Scholarship (2005): Scholarship to participate in the Academic Brain Trust group as part of the National Conference for Media Reform.

 Doctoral Prize, Syracuse University (2004)

 All University Fellowship, Syracuse University (1998-2001)


▶ Accidental Occurrence

  ▸ Best Experimental Film. Premios Latino. Fundación Mundo Ciudad. Spain, 2017

 A Space of Time

  ▸ 1st Prize, Internet/Multimedia Category: XXVI Moscow International Film Festival. Russia, 2004  

  ▸ Honorable Mention: XV Videobrasil International Electronic Art Festival. Brazil, 2005

  ▸ Art Direction Award: Philadelphia Documentary and Fiction Festival. Pennsylvania, June 2004

  ▸ Interview: INSIGHT, Capital Public Radio: Discussion. February 2005. Sacramento, CA.


 Generation 2000: Selected among other Mexican writers to participate in commemorative government anthology: Generation 2000. Mexican Literature Towards the Third Millennium. Poetry-Narrative-Essay. Mexico: Consejo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes. 2000.


Access Sacramento ■ Sacramento, CA                                                                     2009

Board of Directors

 Co-authored grant application to the Knight Foundations News Challenge Grant Program. Out of a total of 2500 applications, Access Sacramentos application for the South Sacramento Neighborhood News Bureau has made it to the final round of consideration.  

 Participated in Access Sacramentos Board efforts to incorporate new media into its organizational structure.

Educational Testing Services ■ Princeton, New Jersey                                                    2007, 2009

 Cut Score Committee member

 One of twenty-four professors selected nationally to evaluate Educational Testing Services (ETS) new Information and Communications Technology literacy assessment and recommend the proficiency level and grade needed to pass the exam.

California Emerging Technology Fund ■ Sacramento, CA                                                          2007-2009

  ICT Digital Literacy Leadership Roundtable and Sacramento Broadband Roundtable participant

 Serve on Leadership Roundtable and provide advice on a Digital Literacy Curriculum and corresponding statewide public policy.

La Red INAV - Universidad de Medellin ■ Medellin, Columbia                                            2006-Present

  Founding Member and Current Participant

 Helped form a network of Latin American academics researching/producing audiovisual narratives.  The network currently spans seven countries and includes more than 100 participants.