Updates & Tips

This document is meant to keep track of updates and tips for using Audience Intersect.

WORKAROUND: AI does NOT show up in my Ads Manager

Our Chrome extension is built to add a button to the Facebook Ads Manager. However, with all of the variations that Facebook is constantly testing, it’s almost to support all the iterations.

Here is a workaround, when the button does not show up.

1. Enable the Chrome Extension

You can download the extension here: https://www.audienceintersect.com/getstarted/. Make sure you install it and the extension is enabled.

2. Find your account ID

Navigate to https://business.facebook.com/ads/accounts

3. Navigate to the Ad within the Campaign in Powereditor

In the Lower Panel of Power Editor, scroll down and find a panel with the Ad ID.

4. Navigate to the link below to edit the ad

Use the following Link structure

https://www.audienceintersect.com/targeting?ad_account_id=<ACCOUNT_ID>&adgroup_id= <ADGROUP_ID>



This will load Audience Intersect in a separate window so you can add the proper targeting settings.

Good luck!