Instructions for IEP and related meetings

(9/7/16, Updated following WUSD’s directive that IEP meetings be held after school.)

1)  If you receive an Outlook request for a meeting that is scheduled outside of contract hours (that is, 20 minutes before school starts inclusive of 15 minutes after), please respond with, “This meeting is scheduled outside of my contract hours.  Please reschedule.  If rescheduling is not possible, understand that I will be submitting a timesheet for my participation in this meeting.”

2)  If you are directed by an administrator to attend a meeting outside of contract hours, please do the following:  a) attend the meeting, b) record the time on a timesheet, c) turn in the timesheet to the administrator who directed you to attend the meeting.

Follow these procedures for all meetings outside of contract hours, including, but not limited to, SSTs, 504s, and other interventions, in addition to IEPs.

All teachers, both general education and special education, should follow these procedures.

If your timesheet is rejected, please contact WTA via a non-WUSD email or text, at which time a grievance on your behalf will be initiated.

If you are a probationary employee, please tread carefully.  You do not want to antagonize your administrator, which could lead to retaliation against you.