Nutcracker 2017 Production Week Master Schedule  (as of 12/12, subject to change)

Below is information pertaining to the cast, technical staff and volunteers. It is easier to maintain one schedule and allows us all to see and learn (and appreciate!) what others are doing behind the scenes. We suggest you print and highlight those times that pertain to you.  We will make every effort to stay on schedule but we appreciate your patience and understanding if things take a bit longer than expected.  Looking forward to a fun and exciting couple of weeks!  

Wednesday, December 13 (no Cavalier)


**Please note city parking signs.  Behind and next to city hall is 2 hour parking.  Street parking behind city hall is not timed (last we knew) and may be the best choice.  Do not park where signs indicate private or reserved parking or you may be towed.

8:00am Sweep/Wash Floor

8:15 Call for Variations/Leads/Corps/Mice (SCD Level 4 & up)  

8:30-9:00 Warm up on stage for Variations/Leads/Corps/Mice

8:45am Call for ALL remaining dancers

9:00am Volunteers & dancers prepare dressing room, do hair & make-up

9:00am Sound Check

9:15am Close curtain, place set, furniture and props for top of show

9:15am House Opens

9:30am Cast walk/talk through school show in green room/shop, if needed

10:00 SHOW

Dancers please pack a small, non-messy snack and water if you think you’ll need one.

DO NOT EAT in costume or in dressing room.  Eat in the green room/shop area only.

12:00 SHOW

1:15 Cast Photo--stay in costume!!


Thursday, December 14 AND Friday, December 15


5:00 SM Sweep & Wash Floor

5:45 Call for Variations/Leads/Corps/Mice

6:00-6:30 Warm-up for Variations/Leads/Corps/Mice on stage

6:30-6:45 - Guest Artist rehearsal on stage

6:30 Call for remaining Act 1 dancers

6:45 Sound Check/Place set, furniture and props for top of show.

6:45 Call for Angels, Gingerbread and remaining Act II dancers

7:00 House opens

7:30 Curtain!

Friday, December 15:  STRIKE!  All hands on deck - REQUIRED.  No dancer may leave until costumes have been checked in and dressing room area is completely cleaned.  Older dancers must do three things:  check costumes in, clean dressing area, plus one more task (like empty a trash can or help fold a drop as part of a strike team below).  Please ask if there is anything else you can do before you leave.

Parents and older dancers are asked to join one of the STRIKE TEAMS:  MARLEY, LIGHTING EQUIPMENT, DROPS, SETS,, COSTUMES (Rhianna)

9:00-10:30  LOAD-OUT 

        Sets, etc. loaded into trucks and returned to SCD

        Costumes to Rhianna’s car and back to studio

        11:00 Unload items from truck and back into SCD storage.


Monday, December 18

        Lighting equipment back to Portland