Meets Expectations

Approaches Expectations

Below Expectations

MEANING (Ideas and Content)

Develop a believable conflict and resolution that implicitly conveys a commentary on  a social issue*

The  “heart*’ of the story is a one-of-a-kind; the writer conveyed the central idea in a way that shows significance in the writer’s life and inspires growth and change in the reader as well.

Not only does every sentence play a part, all the details within them enhance the overall meaning.

The “heart” of the story shines through; these moments clearly matter to the writer; she shows growth and change through her experiences and reflections. Details and scenes support the heart;  any additional  information has been omitted.

The “heart” is somewhat evident  but still leaves the reader wondering or needing a bit more; some sentences or parts may be under or overdeveloped without significance in mind. The central idea is present but its significance may not be.

There is no clear “heart” of the story; much of the writing simply fills space, or it is as if the writer is struggling to find things to say. The central idea is ordinary or insignificant.

STRUCTURE (Organization)

Using a variety of structural moves in a purposeful way

Provide a conclusion that reflects character change and shows the message or theme of the story

A title that hints at the theme

  • The story's plot line is sophisticated/complex
  • Varied transitional techniques used smoothly throughout
  • Resolution expertly closes out the narrative
  • The story's title is subtle and enhances the theme
  • Paragraphing is used to enhance meaning
  • The story has a well-structured identifiable beginning, middle, and end
  • Transitionals used throughout
  • Resolution effectively closes out the story
  • The story's title hints at the theme and engages the reader
  • Paragraphing is used  effectively
  • The story has  identifiable beginning, middle, and end, but the content  
  • Transitions used at times
  • Effective resolution  attempted
  • The story's title is simply a label
  • Paragraphing is used but with errors especially with dialogue

  • The story plot is not evident or the story wanders
  • Transitions are missing
  • Resolution is missing or lacks a clear connection to the conflict
  • The story's title is missing
  • Paragraphing is missing

CRAFT (Author's craft)

Develop characters and plot through varied  sophisticated narrative scene techniques (inner thinking, action, description, slow motion and dialogue)

Conflict is developed through the use of tension to enhance the suspense towards the climax

The writer developed complicated story elements; she may have contrasted the character’s thinking with her actions or dialogue; the writer developed the central character’s relationship to other characters.  She showed character flaws as well as strengths to add complexity. Setting,symbolism, and supporting characters all play a role.

The writer developed the action, dialogue, and inner thinking to convey an issue, idea, or lesson; the writer developed the setting and the characters’ relationship to it and to other characters.

Specific details and figurative language to help the reader understand the place and the with focus on mood and tone

The writer developed realistic characters through some details, action, dialogue and/or inner thinking but not consistently or effectively throughout.The writer used some descriptive detail  to highlight a part or two. Varied craft moves are not evident throughout.

The writer told the story without using much dialogue, action, or inner thinking. Ordinary language to tell his story. The writer paid little to no attention to pacing and the voice and tone was too ordinary.


Grammar, Membean and Punctuation

Punctuation, spelling, capitalization, is precise. Membean words used well. Advanced sentence construction throughout

Punctuation, spelling, capitalization, is mostly precise. Membean words used. Strong sentence construction mostly.

Punctuation, spelling, capitalization have  errors. Membean words seldom used. Strong sentence construction.

Punctuation, spelling, capitalization multiple  errors. Lacking Membean words Basic sentence construction.