Gelbin Mekkatorque

World of Warcraft

Forged with Jeff Reynolds and Kristen Ashton

Featured Forger: Adam Eastwood


Gelbin Mekkatorque is the current High Tinker of Gnomeregan, and is also styled "King of Gnomes". Gelbin has been at the helm of the gnome race during some of its most difficult and trying times. Since his title is an elected one, the fact that he has held his position throughout such hardship is a testament to the love his people have for him. His most notable invention is the Mechanostrider.

Adam’s Choices

Resource: Power
(z) - Gelbin is always mounted on his Mechanostrider and while he moves he builds up his Power.

Trait - For Gnomeregan
 - All allies in a small area are mounted on Mechanostriders increase movement speed over regular mount speed and gaining Power from all Mechanostriders.

(Q) - Repair-O-Wrench 2000
- Toggles between healing towers up to a max of 50% health and refilling ammunition on the towers. This is done through basic attacking your own towers.

(W) - Freeze Blaster 900
- Attach a new weapon to the an allied building that Freezes enemies that are hit in place for a short period of time by its auto attack but slightly reduces the damage done.

(E) - Electric Core
- Empower a tower to produce a steady stream of electric damage to enemies within range.

(R) - Mobile Tower Platform
- Gelbin enters an allied tower and is able to move it around the battlefield. If the tower has already been destroyed he has a tower with 50% health.

(R2) Building Defence Enhancer 1.4
- Any allied building gains attack speed, attack strength and unlimited ammo for a period of time. In addition the building attacks whom ever is being auto attacked by Gelbin.

His tower enhancements can only be on one tower at a time with it dropping off the old tower when placed on a new one. Each tower can only have one enhancement at a time on it.

Jeff’s Choices



Trait- “High Tinker”

Gelbin flies around the battlefield in a mechanical bi-plane fitted with twin blasters on the front that are able to be fired while moving. He would be a fast moving specialist that would use his ability to outrun and force his opponents to think differently around the battlefield.

Mount-  Gelbin does not have a mounting ability or speed boost… BUT he is able to travel across the map edges (similar to hammers bullet) and enter other sides. He needs to activate this “mounting ability” in order to jump the map and it has a cooldown.

Q- “Mortar Shot”

When selected a giant Mortar cannon comes out of the back of the biplane and fires a shot that deals massive damage to structures. The range on this ability is similar to a Zuljin axe circle- you can’t choose the range for it it has a set range but if it lands it deals massive damage.

W- “Mechanostrider Inbound!”

Gelbin flies high above and when activated he drops Mechanostrider mount on the battlefield for his allies to use. If a hero selects this mount they will mount and move with an increased mounted speed (something like 10% faster than normal mounted speed) if the hero is dismounted for any reason the Mechanostrider disappears and Gelbin will need to drop another one to be used. Can be talented into later to All Gelbin to drop Mechanostriders for minions to get to the front of lanes faster.

E- “Repair Bot: Jeeves”

From the air Gelbin drops one of his most famous inventions: Jeeves the Repair Bot! This repair bot is parachuted down from the sky and when it lands on the battlefield it becomes stationary. All minions and mercenaries that pass the repair bot while traveling down the lane will be healed or gain armor after they pass Jeeves. (depending on if they had health or not when passing) Friendly Heroes can also also use Jeeves as a Healing fountain (with a shared cooldown with the other healing fountains)

Heroic 1- “Radiation Bomb”

Gelbin was once forced to drop a radiation bomb on his own city to stop the advance of hostile troggs, so it's safe to say that he knows how to use it. In the nexus when this ability is activated Gelbin selects a location on the battlefield to drop a radiation bomb with the radius of Thrall’s earthquake. This bomb lands and explodes dealing a small amount of damage to the enemies in the area. If enemy heroes stay in the radiation they will continue to take damage for as long as they remain in contact. But that's not the real use for this ability... If enemy minions, mercenaries or bosses are in the radiation they will begin to slowly become captured for the friendly team OR if they have been captured by the enemy TURN sides with mutation.

Heroic 2- “Mobile Tower Platform”  Featured Forger Ability

Gelbin enters an allied tower and is able to move it around the battlefield. If the tower has already been destroyed he has a tower with 50% health. In my build Gelbin would eject from his plane and parachute into the tower and when the tower is destroyed he would shoot out of the top and his plane would pick him back up mid air.

Specialty Skin:

During Operation: Gnomeregan Mekkatorque says "IT'S A TRAP! That's a fully functional irradiator!" which is a reference to Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi where Admiral Ackbar yells "It's a trap!" after discovering that the second Death Star is functional and that they've been lead into a trap.

Admiral Ackbar on a Rebel Starship (Repair bot would be… R2D2)



Star Fox style “UFlip”

Kristen’s Choices






        Tower Defense

Ever the builder, High Tinker Mekkatorque prefers to fight with brains more than brawn. All along map terrain (the unpassable kind), Mekkatorque constructs mini towers, half the size of regular towers, that deal damage to the closest enemy, choosing Heroes over mercs over minions.




Cast Iron 1200

During this ability, Mekkatorque, adds on extra iron to his tower’s guns, giving them added attack damage until the casing eventually gives out.


Freeze Blaster 900 (Featured Forger Ability)

Attach a new weapon to the an allied building that Freezes enemies that are hit in place for a short period of time by its auto attack but slightly reduces the damage done.


Stun-o-matic 3.5

Working fast, Mekkatorque fashions a ground pound machine in the form of a crude, metal ring along the outside of the tower that pounds down at steady intervals. During each interval, nearby enemy units are stunned.


Siege This

It was the High Tinker’s designs that lead to the creation of one of the most powerful units of the earlier wars - the Dwarven Siege Engine. Pulling out a less modern version held together rather precariously, High Tinker takes control of the machine and uses it to deal as much damage as possible before whatever is holding it together breaks down.


        Blue Painter v.7

One of Mekkatorque’s favorite pastime is painting the map blue. When activated, the current enemy structure camp is turned blue, forcing it to work for your team. Tower and fort or keep shots now fire on enemy units and the fountain is usable by your team.



Beloved leader and master mathematician, Mekkatorque would fit right in during the Napoleonic campaigns.


        Bunny Hop

Though tough, Mekkatorque is cute and knows a few adorable dances to melt hearts when regular diplomacy isn’t working.