GreenCloud refers to smart phone application software running on the various platform that utilizes extra features available on Smartphone to bring an enhanced user experience (eUX). The initial release of the apps will be deployed on the Android platform but it not limited to it, successes on this platform will lead to extension to other Smartphone platforms e.g. Symbian, Bada, Blackberry and IOS.


Use the best of artificial intelligence algorithms and mobile phone technology to bring the best apps to Smartphones. There is need to extend and ease already existing functionalities on mobile phones to give an enriched User Experience (UX) and to provide applications that are neglected by device manufactures. The mission for GreenCloud is to place an app on every activated Smartphone is Kenya.


Following the upsurge of Smartphone use in Kenya, an opportunity to develop user intuitive application presents itself. Kenya has been christened the ‘Silicon Valley’ for mobile phones with success of MPESA and the relative high uptake of mobile phone use. The ability to regulate software piracy on mobile device in Kenya boosts the moral to venture into this market coupled with the fact of other success stories have been recorded in this sector.

The future of computing is integrated to mobile devices and its growth is aided by the Smartphone segments which replicates PC functionalities on mobile devices. Mobility and PC functionalities provide a blend that can create a new computing segment that enjoys added integrated technologies. It is the vision for GreenCloud to nurture and prosper in this sub-sector and become a fully fledged mobile phone software developing entity that creates in-house applications that responds to consumer expectations, complaints and neglects by OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer).