DHMN Organizational Meeting

November 23, 2015

Call to Order

Present: Mark F., Sim, Bob T-Son, Jakob, Shane G., John McGrath, Iga (Guest), Ryan Peterson,

Late arrivals: Mike P.,

Potential (past) attendees: Karl P., Tim B., Erin Q-L., Paul K., Dan Brunner., Tater, Jake K., Sara K.,  Ross L., Jason S., Steve P., Mathew P., Kristin M.,

Approve Minutes

Moves to approve: Bob T-Son

Seconded: Shane G.


Treasurer's Report

Report at end of 2015/10

generated from ef4a8d2e1c


Short Term Net Worth


  Accounts Receivable     57.25

                 Cash   2605.97

amortized charge Assets    359.90


Pos Short term Assets  3023.12

           insurance   -617.00

    Accounts Payable   -231.71

     Utils budgeting   -874.80

earmarked donations      0.00

  prepaid dues held   -550.00


Short term Liabilities   2273.51


Short Term Net Worth   749.61


Long Term Net Worth


Short Term Net Worth    749.61

            Equipment   2179.10


                 food    365.58

               shirts     91.16

             Deposits   2042.00

                Loans  -1394.69


  Long Term Net Worth   4032.76


Actual Monthly Cash Flow


                 dues 1235.00

            donations   46.00

         storage fees   75.00

                goods  273.62

            bank fees  -48.50

            utilities -433.86

                 rent -625.00

         depreciation  -12.09

               repair   -0.00

   cost of goods sold -183.55

           adjustments   -0.00

  legal, professional   -0.00


    Monthly Cash Flow  326.62


Loan round 1 payment


total payment:  163.31

32.2% Shane:     52.59

67.8% Sim:      110.72


Estimated yearly Income and Expenses Estimate (/month)



Bank Fees 40.00

Electric 154.53

Gas      108.88

insurance 51.42

Internet  73.50

Rent     625.00


total expenses: 1053.33


Membership Dues 1095.00


total income: 1095.00


Net worth adding 41.67 / month

29 months to zero short term net worth.

Move to approve: Bob T-Son

Seconded: Shane G.



Sim is working on the member photo board.

New Business

Bob T-Son motions to change meetings to first monday and cancel the December meeting for 2015.

Seconded: Shane G.

Shane Report

The Indoor Garden is set up.

Constraints: Run until end of March.

Makerspace shirts pricing: option to pay minimal to cover cost, pay more to include a contribution to the space.

Jakob will add storage policy to wiki.

Iga is interested in doing some marketing for us.


Move to Adjourn: Shane G

Seconded: Mark F.