of the

Consensus Practices & Advocacy Group

Consented to and Adopted 14 January 2013

We exist to promote the use of consensus and other effective meeting techniques by populist movements for social change.  We shall prove and reveal to others the utility, efficacy, benefits, and practicality of consensus.

Whereas consensus as popularly practiced within Occupy Wall Street was not entirely effective, we aim to redeem, preserve, protect, and defend consensus methodology as an effective decision-making tool.  In situations where it is threatened or where our efforts could prove otherwise useful, we shall advocate for improvements to consensus practice.

We shall promote, preserve, protect, and defend the right of the people to assemble peaceably.

We shall explore, learn, and use consensus in actual practice; develop and establish methods and curricula for training; and archive and publish what we learn.

We shall defend against such accumulations of power as are often found when consensus practice strays and becomes non-consensual.  We shall defend against arbitrary or dictatorial process.

We shall explore and hone effective responses to disruptive conduct.

We shall promote participation by repeatedly practicing skills among all our members.  We shall provide for the continuity of our membership and our meetings while striving to rally, broaden, and sustain our ranks.